After walking in the scorching sun for a while and finally reaching the building you were going to is a fantastic feeling. What is more exciting is stepping into that office, and you feel a tremendous breeze coming from the air conditioning system in the building. Although this may be refreshing, it also comes with a lot of troubles. What many people do not know is that using air conditioning systems frequently may have harmful effects on their bodies. If you are wondering how such a fantastic piece of technology could affect your health negatively, well, let me break it down for you. Here are some of the side effects of using air conditioners.

  • Damage to Skin

One important thing you need to know about using an air conditioning system is the fact that when it is in use, it sucks all of the water inside a room. The worst part of it is that it does not select the moisture; it sucks, meaning your skin is also at risk. The skin’s epidermis is where moisture is found. When you walk into an air-conditioned room, the device sucks all of the moisture from it too.

So, where does that leave you? With moisture being sucked out of the skin tissues, your skin starts flaking and eventually becomes dry and chapped. On top of the immediate effects, your skin starts aging faster than it is supposed to. I know for a fact that no one wants to have a skin that has aged more than their actual years. So if you have been asking yourself whether ac is terrible for your skin, then the most straightforward answer is yes.

  • Breathing Problems

Another health problem caused by using an air conditioner is frequent breathing complications. According to research carried out by researchers at a Louisiana Medical Centre, there are eight types of molds living in 22 out of 25 vehicles. So what does that have to do with breathing complications?

Well, you may have been stuck in traffic and switched on your ac and felt a relief thinking the device is a saving grace. In actual sense, the air conditioning is killing you by circulating the air throughout the car. When the air conditioning device is doing this, it spreads the micro-organisms in the vehicle. Once you inhale the contaminated air, you will start to experience breathing problems.

Air conditioners are also known to spread air-borne diseases like Legionnaire’s disease. The disease causes fever, pneumonia, and can even be fatal if proper care and treatment are not offered to the patient.

  • Makes Chronic Illnesses Worse

Another danger of using an air conditioner is the fact that it worsens the conditions of patients suffering from chronic illnesses. People with low blood pressure should try as much as possible to avoid air conditioners. If they do use them, they should use the devices in moderation. The reason being, an AC makes the symptoms worsen, and you will have a lot of difficulties staying in such a room as you will be very uncomfortable.

If you have arthritis, you are also at risk of feeling the symptoms even more when in a room with air conditioning. In addition to using the device in moderation, you can employ the services of ac contractors. The experts will take into account your condition and will provide a solution that cools your room and still takes care of your needs.


Air conditioners are excellent devices, and no one can dispute the impressive benefits that come with using one. In as much as it comes with merits, there are also negative health effects that come with using an air conditioner. For one, you may have breathing complications when using an air conditioner, especially when it is in a closed car. This is because the air conditioner may mix with molds in the vehicle and circulate the air, and when you inhale it, you may contract illnesses. People with chronic diseases are also at risk of having their conditions worsened from using air conditioners. Let us not forget the fact that air conditioners suck moisture from the room and your body. When this happens, your skin withers and becomes chapped. In the long run, you may find your skin aging faster than usual.