There is nothing more satisfying than rolling a joint with friends at your usual hangout, especially now that cannabis was just legalized in Canada last October 2018. While a lot of forward-thinking countries are slowly joining the bandwagon in cannabis legalization, marijuana experts are also working double time to cater to a steady rise in demand.

Though it’s good to stick to the conventional habit of puffing from a joint or hitting from a bong, another method of inhaling cannabis that’s becoming popular is through vaping.

Don’t deny it. When smoking cannabis in public, sometimes you get hawk-like stares from “misinformed people.” Since cannabis smoking is still a widely debated topic and is still considered to be taboo in some places even in the United States, other people can’t sometimes help but gape at you when you’re being “that stoner” in public.

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Now, you can avoid all that embarrassment (if you let it bother you anyway). Since you can accessibly access cannabis oil, wax, or any cannabis concentrate from Best Online Dispensary Canada, you can vape cannabis anywhere you please!

On top of that, here are seven other health benefits of switching from smoking to vaping marijuana.

1. Avoids respiratory issues.

 Sure, cannabis smoking is different from cigarette smoking. And yes, cigarette smoking is harmful to your health because of the carcinogens and tar when burnt. But don’t think cannabis smoking will get you off the hook.

When smoking cannabis, there’s still the “combustion process” of the marijuana strain. This creates the same carcinogens and toxins that will go straight to your lungs. If you’re a chronic smoker, having these hazardous toxins to your respiratory system daily will cause chronic bronchitis in the long run.

Because vaping only “burns” the cannabis oil, wax, or hash on a limited temperature and converts it into vapor, you’re giving your lungs a break and saving them from respiratory conditions.

2. Improves cardiovascular health.

Atherosclerosis is the condition where the plaque builds up in the walls of your artery. When this happens, less blood and oxygen can get to the heart. This is usually the reason why people experience cardiac failures.

Toxins and carcinogens are some of the leading causes of this plaque buildup. That’s why people with poor diet are also prone to atherosclerosis because fat could be coagulated in their arteries, making it even worse. Hence, vaping weed is safer, especially for people with unhealthy habits.

3. Vaping is highly potent.

We’re pretty sure you’ve tried a cannabis-infused product such as edibles, tinctures, or oils. As you know, these products were extracted from a marijuana strain through different extraction methods that require heat and solvents. When a strain is extracted, the method removes most of the beneficial cannabinoids or terpenes decreasing the potency. That’s why the potency of marijuana-infused products will still depend on how potent the original source is.

The same applies to smoking weed. Smoking a joint burns the strain and strips the beneficial cannabinoids off. Meanwhile, vaping weed uses controlled temperature, making the outcome more highly-potent. If you want to make the most out of medicinal marijuana, vaping will offer you more cannabinoids than smoking.

4. Tastes better than smoking.

Marijuana has a naturally lovely and yummy earthy flavor. When you’re smoking, sometimes all you can taste is the smoke, and the weed’s burnt flavor. On the other hand, the method of vaping doesn’t burn marijuana, which provides you a more distinct and pleasant taste.

5. No paranoia and anxiety.

As mentioned earlier, people sometimes stare at you judgingly when you smoke in public. People with mental conditions like depression or anxiety have trouble going out and socializing. Some of them resort to medical marijuana. On top of cannabis edibles and concentrates, vaping is also another way for mentally depressed and anxious people to be more confident of keeping their heads up in public. Plus, you don’t get the same paranoia when you’re conspicuously smoking weed in public too. Since vaping doesn’t emit pungent smoke, no one will ever know it’s weed you’re puffing on.

6. It’s more cost-efficient.

Although this doesn’t have a direct impact on your health, you can imagine the amount of money you can save by not using too much marijuana strains for your daily needs! Rolling a joint will require a lot to get desired effects. Whereas, vaping will only require small doses to enjoy a pleasant high.

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7. Healthier for your family and friends.

Second-hand smoke is one of the leading causes of lung cancer. In fact, it’s even more dangerous than first-hand smoke. When you switch from smoking to vaping weed, you’re respecting your loved ones’ health by preventing them from getting second-hand smoke.