Pinterest has slowly become a great hub for marketers on which they share irresistible content that users cannot ignore. The current statistics show that there are 250 million monthly active users on Pinterest as of February 2019.

This number and the fact that most users confess that they use Pinterest to make final purchase decisions regarding products have made it quite a popular tool.

But the question remains? How can you use Pinterest to your advantage and promote your products? Well, let’s find out by reading seven effective Pinterest marketing strategies.

Here are 7 effective marketing strategies you can use for your Pinterest account in 2019.

1.   Create a business account


The best way to target your current audience is to make a business account for Pinterest. It comes with a lot of benefits that you won’t get with a personal account. The benefits include access to Pinterest analytics, a profile which shows that it’s a business account, Pinterest tags, and widgets.

All these features will help you in marketing the product better. Moreover, if you already have a personal account, it is easy to change into a business account, without losing any content.

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2.   Find the right category for your content


Pinterest is all about dividing and placing your content into perfect pins and boards according to their categories. It is a tedious job, but you have to too careful while selecting your categories because if you don’t select the right categories, your pins and boards won’t be searchable for users.

The most famous categories are health, travel, beauty, and wellness.


3.   Create boards


Boards are the lifeline of Pinterest, and you have to create them if you want people to find your content easily. You save all your pins on the board, and you can many numbers of boards you want. Also, you can organize your boards according to themes, plans, inspiration type, and so on.


4.       Images and video you share must be unique


It is a rule of thumb that whatever videos or images you post on your Pinterest account must promote your brand and market your products. Don’t pin images or videos to boards if they are not relevant to you or your customer.

Also, ensure that it has optimal quality and is unique. Here are some tips:

  • Create and share branded images and videos to promote your products and market your brand.

  • If you have a good budget, use the Pinterest promoted video feature in which you have to pay to get a sponsored video.

  • Make particular boards for every image/video category so that it is easy for users to search and find.

  • Don’t use too much blank or white space in your images.

  • The videos you post must not be too long. The ideal time is between 30-90 seconds.


5.   Use keywords


The best way to ensure that you are present in the feed of your users organically is to use keywords. Use keywords in your profile, boards, posts, Image Alt text, Board descriptions, and pins. Keywords will be the words or phrases that the users have most searched for related to a particular subject or board.


6.   Invest in building your followers


Once you have an account and know what to post in it and what boards you want, it is time to build your followers. Here are some tips on doing that:

  • Use your other social media accounts for promoting your Pinterest account.

  • Research how your competitors are using Pinterest and learn their techniques and mistakes so that you can avoid those mistakes.

  • Never forget to include hashtags and keywords in all your posts.

  • Think about collaborating with some Pinterest influencers and ask them to give a shout out about your brand to their customers.

7.   Make Pinterest a part of your website


Include a social button for Pinterest on your official website. It will help drive traffic from the website to your Pinterest account, and your users will be able to view your content easily.

Also, add the link to your website in your Pinterest bio or to specific products so that you can drive traffic from here to your website.


These are few tips that can effectively make Pinterest an amazing and efficient marketing tool for your business. Make sure to post content that is unique yet relevant to your consumers.