Shopping online for a sports bra has its perks. It’s convenient and there is wider selection than can be found in stores. Still, those awesome factors do not mean there isn’t a negative side. It can be tedious and tiresome work if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you don’t know how to buy a sports bra online, you might end up in a loop trying it on, sending it back, selecting a new bra and so on. Here’s how you can get it right on the first try and have a pleasant experience with online bra shopping.

Measure Yourself Correctly

There are a lot of online resources to help you figure this out. First, you can try the bra calculator on the subreddit A Bra That Fits. You can also ask the nice people on the forum for assistance to make sure you measure correctly and for considerations for your unique shape.

The fit should be tighter than your regular bras to stop any motion during your activity. It should be just tight enough, not enough to restrict breathing or normal movement as you workout. Your sports bra should still be comfortable.

Consider the Level of Support Needed

Why are you searching for a sports bra? A bra that is used for a high activity sport like running or volleyball might require enough support to withstand the constant jumping and jolting. Or for walking and yoga, you will likely need less reinforcement. Deciding this factor will help you choose.

Sports bra styles come in compression, encapsulation or both. Compression simply presses your breasts closer to the body, but doesn’t offer much support. Encapsulation provides support for each breast. The bra style with both encapsulation and compression often provides maximum support.

Choose a Style with Maximum Support

Again, the top goal when shopping for a sports bra is to prevent movement with the best support possible. Certain styles provide this over others. A good sports bra must have certain features to achieve this level of support.

Wide bands and racerbacks give different types of support. Wide straps are often padded and can be adjusted, while racerback cinches the back. Wide bands are usually best for bigger cup sizes because they distribute weight evenly.

A lighter impact sports bra will be less restrictive. It will provide just enough support to hold you in as you move. The design will be less bulky than a high impact sports bra, which is used for more intense movement.

Other Features for Comfort and Extra Support

Some sports bras come with underwire and different closure styles. Depending on what you need as far as style and comfort, you might consider these features as you browse the selections online. Your size and the impact of your workout can determine which one you’ll need.

Underwire bras are usually encapsulated and are suitable for higher impact activities. They provide optimal support, especially for women with bigger busts. So women who wear size D-cup and up will find these bras to give them maximum support while reducing bounce and keeping you in place.

For closures, there are pullovers (no closure) and back or front closures. Pullovers usually are compression type sports bras and offer the least support. Front closures contain either a zipper or a series of clasps. The front closing bras are easier to put on whereas the back closures can prove difficult.

Highly Recommended Brands

Reading reviews will save some time. You can get advice from people who set out searching for a bra, with similar goals as yourself but came up disappointed. They purchased a bra with expectations only to find it did not meet the requirements for a good sports bra.

In your case, you can learn from their experience. If they’ve previously bought a bra from the same site you are shopping on, these reviews will tell you how the bra fit and the benefits of purchasing this particular bra. On the other hand, if they give a one-star rating with a matching review, you’ll know this is the one to avoid.

Choosing a sports bra online can be tricky, but if you use these tips, it can make the process less difficult. If your first go at buying a sports bra online isn’t successful, be sure the company you shop with has a decent return policy.

Sports Bra Direct is a pleasant place to shop for sports bras. They have helpful assistants that you can chat with if you require help making a selection. With sizes starting from A and beyond FF+, you’re sure to find the perfect sports bra for your goals.

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