There are many small businesses who often go unnoticed because of the lack of promotion. However, every business requires branding to upscale. If people don’t know who you are, then how can they reach you?


Although there’s a lot of content available on the Internet which guides how to grow your small business. But with a startup, you can’t invest in the paid marketing tactics to grow your business and neither your time to dig for the best solution.


In this context, here are the five simple solutions that you can follow right to brand your small business expeditiously.


1.   Work on your Buyer Persona


A buyer persona is the description of the audience to whom you’re trying to reach. It includes their gender, age, location, interest, and features that attracts them. For example, if you’re launching ladies handbag in Dubai, your audience will be women of all ages, and you wouldn’t have to target men to promote your brand.


Creating buyer personas helps you to filter the specific audience who would be interested in your product. It makes marketing easier for you as you have an idea who to market.


2.   Create a Tone for your Brand


Which tone clicks your mind when you think of Microsoft? Probably professionalism!

Every brand has its tone that defines them. If you think of Coca Cola, your mind will reflect with emotions like excitement, boldness, or passion. Right?


So, when you’re creating your tone, be mindful what your business does, what is the vision/mission, and what is the long-term goal. Once you find the tone for your brand, embed it on your website and convey it via designing. When you get successful in building the tone for your brand, it will become a reminiscent of your brand.    

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3.   Show Consistency in the Content


Content is the key. It counts in 60 percent of your marketing strategy. When you want to build your brand effectively, you should focus on writing blogs for your website. It keeps you in the news, boost your website traffic and engage your audience interest. Do you know the top branding agencies in Dubai devise a content strategy right after the month starts?


It helps them to focus and stay persistent in writing blogs for the website. Writing quality blogs for your website also boost your search engine ranking and makes you credible in front of your audience. In your blogs you can tell about your product, the best-selling features and how it benefits the consumers. You can also enrich the audience with useful information, it makes your brand reliable and you become a source of information on their list. 


4.   Prioritize Customer Support Service


When you’re a startup, you shouldn’t give your customers an inch of an excuse to leave your website without satisfaction. Even if the customers are coming on your social media channels, it’s a great opportunity to engage with them. For example, if you’re an ecommerce startup and customers are having problems shopping on your website and there’s no chat agents or chatbots on your website to guide them. As a result, you’ll miss great opportunities that can be profitable for your business.


That’s not it! If your customers have some complaint with you, talk to them, resolve their queries and make them satisfied with your services. It’s a good way to become word-of-mouth for customers.


5.   Know how to stay ahead in the competition


There can be many startups like yours, why would customers choose you? Your brand should be different from your competitors even if the niche is the same. For this purpose, you can show some creativity while designing your website, create engaging social media posts tailored to each platform and leverage the latest social media tactics to outperform your small business.


In addition, you can offer some discount or promotional packages on your services. Video marketing is also the growing trend in 2019 that is reaping huge profits for businesses in terms of marketing and growth. Learn how to implement it to build your brand effectively.


In Summary


These are the five golden tips to brand your small business rapidly. You don’t need a considerable investment to start following these tips. Your time, smart work and consistency are enough to build your brand. I hope you’re now ready to start with these simple solutions. Any feedback to add? Let’s interact in the comments below.

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