Before, it was effortless to talk to friends, hangout, and have some fun. However, a pandemic is upon us, and everyone is affected. No matter where you are in the world, COVID-19 has made governments enforce lockdown measures. One of these measures is limiting outside activity. Another is to maintain social distancing.

All of these methods are quite effective at reducing the infection rate of the virus, but it’s taking a toll on how people fulfill their social needs. Thankfully, following the rules implemented by governments and health experts is easy because of technology.

Technology has given us a lot of excellent tools to communicate with friends, family, and other people without breaking any social distancing rules. With messaging apps, you won’t have to travel across long distances just to see your loved ones.

Although it’s physically impossible to touch anyone through a messaging app, it’s the least we can do to help curb COVID-19 and prevent its spread to our loved ones. With that said, here are some of the best messaging apps you can use today:


One of the best messaging apps for your iOS or Android device is TextNow. Talking with other people, even if they’re away from you is made easy when using this messaging app. Most of the time, problems arise with messaging apps when you don’t have credit or a wifi signal.

With TextNow, you can call and text your friends even without credit or wifi. All you have to do is complete some fun and exciting tasks on the app. If you want to use the app on the PC, all you need to do is to get an emulator, download, and install the official textnow apk, and you’re all set.

TextNow has a ton of cool features that are perfect for its users. Aside from unlimited calling and texting without wifi or credit, some of its features include: An exclusive phone number, no binding contracts, affordable international calls, and unlimited calls and texts within the US and Canada.


When it comes to better integration with smartphones, Viber is the most efficient compared to most of the messaging apps available today. The app is surprisingly user-friendly and fast to use. Its security feature is second to none as it’s also one of the most secure messaging apps. Viber is available on both mobile and PC platforms.


Although KakaoTalk primarily caters to South Korean users, recent changes have made the app international. Among its features, KakaoTalk can: have customizable themes, free international calls, conference calls, mail, and unique walkie-talkie features.

The app is relatively simple to use and can sync with your phone and mobile contacts. For K-pop listeners and fans, it’s a plus to have KakaoTalk as most Kpop stars and groups use KakaoTalk. The app even has a feature called Plus Mate that allows users to see additional content and updates about their favorite artists, bands, and also products.


WhatsApp is another messaging app that’s great for socializing, despite today’s social distancing rules. WhatsApp works flawlessly with iOS, Android, and even Windows devices. The app is more of a cross between a social media account and messaging app as it allows its users to share their location and also broadcast their status. What’s more, is that WhatsApp allows up to four people to participate in a live video chat.


If reliability is what you’re after, then Skype is the best way to go. The app has been a staple for almost everyone who’s into using messaging apps. Skype is excellent for both work and personal use. With a screen sharing feature, presentations will be much easier to do. Skype supports video chat and even allows conference calls. All of these features are handy in today’s setting, where a lot of people are required to work from home.

Skype is available on both PC and mobile platforms. Although the mobile version of Skype has bugs, its features and pros outweigh its cons. All you need to do is to restart the app or the phone.


Despite social distancing measures, people aren’t barred from communicating with other people. Although the physical aspect of socializing with each other is limited, messaging apps make it much easier. The ones mentioned above are some of the best messaging apps.