Today everything happens online. With the internet connectivity spanning to nooks and corners of this earth, all the content we want is on the internet today. Entertainment, study, work, general knowledge, businesses, e-commerce and much more, all of these are thriving industries online. With the advent of high-speed internet, so many different avenues have opened up. For all these businesses trying to set their foot and reach as many customers as possible online, a strong online platform is essential to make maximum contact and create brand awareness.

You can easily find a web design company in Bangalore, Delhi or anywhere else to create and design a website for your business. These teams are specialized with all the required knowledge to make your online debut impressive to your potential clients. However, there are many mistakes committed while creating a website online, which any good web development company in Bangalore, Chennai or any other city should take note of. Here are some of the mistakes during web design that can be avoided for your conversion rates to improve.

1. Stock Photos

Today many web development companies use built-in themes from WordPress or Wix so that they get a portion of the website readymade. Although this saves the time invested in the complete design of the website from scratch, there are some hiccups that might be encountered. The photos used in such themes are basically stock photos that may appear differently when edited to add in your content making your website less impressive than the actual theme. So, make sure you avoid such stock photos and use only those that fit in properly with your design.

2. Heavy Multimedia

High-resolution images or multimedia are equally harmful to your website as the stock images. Choosing the right kind of images and also other multimedia is essential in ensuring the efficiency of your website. Usually, heavy images and multimedia take a long time to load, thus increasing your webpage loading time. The media that might look big and huge on your desktop can take a long time to load in other devices like mobiles and tablets causing more usage of mobile data. Hence, use of massive files will only increase the load time, in turn, reducing the interest of your potential client in your website and brand! This should be definitely taken care of by any web development company for a great website!

3. Excess Content

Although adding interesting content to read on your website can sound nice, the whole idea is not to educate your first-time website visitors but to convert them into potential long term clients. Long paragraphs of content on your website can be a draining and tiring experience for your customers. A study suggests that a user spends only a few seconds on each page to browse through quickly to get a fair idea about the concept, team and other services. Long paragraphs of information explaining your idea or business will harm your conversion rates immensely. After all, for any good web development company in Bangalore, Mumbai or any other city, expressing the idea and convincing others in fewer words is also an art that should be utilized well in your business website!

4. Flat Design

Extremely flat design of your website can also prove to be not so useful for your conversion rates. Basically, a single page flat design leaves your clients wanting more information and seems incomplete. Also, making your website too complicated for a user to understand doesn’t help any better. Your website design should be a balance between simple and quick elements, which will give your users all the information about your idea at their first glance but still leave them a bit curious to know more. This will make them want to contact you, which will be a potential conversion lead. Such tactics come in very handy for any professional web development company.

5. Improper Organization of Information

For any first-time visitor, the best impression a website can give is by looking clean and neat. Simple website design with logical construction of the flow of information and all elements will give a very professional impression about your business. It also signifies the seriousness of your brand and builds a trust factor in the minds of your potential clients. If the website is easy to navigate with a clean structure and information organization, it is easy for all your clients to grasp the gist of your services quickly and efficiently. Hence, any good web design company in Bangalore will make sure to create a cleanly constructed website for your business!

These design features can do more harm than good to your website’s conversion rates. Choosing the right methods and techniques along with avoiding the commonly made mistakes are the key to making successful websites that will appeal to a lot of potential customers!

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