In addition to the rising cost of memberships, getting out and going to the gym can be difficult. Many of us have very busy schedules and finding a time that is convenient with our work and family obligations can seem next to impossible. For these reasons, more and more people are choosing to create workout spaces in the comfort of their own homes. This Guide is intended to help you get started.

Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment can be bulky but the space it takes up may be worth it in exchange for convenience. The machines you buy for your home may not be as fancy as the ones at the gym but, really, do you use all of those features anyway?

The great thing about a DIY gym is that you can pick and choose the items that you will actually use. A universal home gym system is great if you want to do weight and strength training and have a bench while conserving space.

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If you prefer cardiovascular workouts, you will be pleased to discover that there are a huge number of treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical machines to choose from.

Hand WeightsImage result for Hand Weights

Weight training becomes more and more important as we age since our muscle mass begins to deteriorate at an accelerated rate. To counter these effects, which can leave us vulnerable to injury and osteoporosis, we should all strive to lift weights several times a week.

Hand weights are a great option since they come in a variety of styles and sizes and can often be stored discreetly under a bed or in a closet. As a variation on regular hand weights, some people prefer kettlebell weights which can be used in cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. If space allows, a nice weight rack can keep everything organized.

Yoga and PilatesImage result for Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and pilates are becoming increasingly popular and these seemingly gentler fitness techniques may not appear very intense but are quickly proving their worth for both mental and physical stamina.

Yoga can be extremely convenient to do at home since all you will need is a yoga mat, comfortable clothes, yoga bolster and an instructional DVD. If you struggle with balance or are just beginning, consider buying a yoga block.

Pilates is similarly practical since you will need very little to get started. As with yoga, it’s easy to find Pilates DVDs and resistance bands, which can also be used for yoga, are an affordable way to augment your workout.

Inspirational Wall Decals

Public gyms have started making greater use of inspirational wall decor to keep their clients moving through tough moments. There have definitely been times when I have felt like quitting and found myself digging deep to finish after reading an inspiring message.

Fortunately, these wall decals, which have become popular in bedrooms and living rooms, can also be used on the walls of your home gym. The best part is that you get to choose which sayings inspire you most!

Television and Sound Equipment

Whether you plan on following workouts on DVD or if you simply want a way to watch television or movies while you exercise, a flat-screen television that can be mounted to a wall is a space-efficient way of keeping yourself entertained. If you buy a model that features Smart TV technology, you will be able to access apps and social media as well.

A sound system can also be a great investment for your home gym. Not only will it help you hear the television over the sound of any machines you might be using but some well-paced music can give you a little extra motivation to keep going during your workout!

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