The advent invention of mobile phones came with its benefits and limitations. When it comes to benefits, you can communicate with anyone at your periphery even when you are away from home. This freedom brings yet another challenge.

For instance, telemarketers can access your contacts through different avenues. They will contact you often, and if you are not interested in their product or services, you will find them a nuisance. The same case applies to people who want to swindle your money.

If you want to know the identity behind the number that has been calling you, we are going to show you five best reverse phone lookup services such as Zosearch that you can use.

Why you need to use reverse lookup services

Because these numbers are becoming rampant, the best option is to find a service that can help you identify the person behind the call, and if they have any criminal records. Such details can keep you safe.

On the other hand, not all new callers have bad intentions. It could be that an old friend and relatives are trying to reach you. Therefore, having such information can help you know how to respond depending on what you find on the reverse phone lookup option you use.

Here are the five best options you should consider

1. Zosearch

At the top of this list is this amazing site with more than a million users. It is free and contains one of the vastest databases you will ever find. By the way, websites such as Forbes recognize this brand as fast and easy to use.

The website is reliable because users can find all the details about a phone number. You will be able to know who the owner is, even if it is a spoofed call. Another thing that you will love about this platform is the number of services you can get from it. Remember, you can try

Zosearch for free. You can carry out as many searches as you want.

2. Spy dialer

This is another site with numerous recognitions from large brands such as Fox. It is a reverse phone lookup option that has been in operation for about eight years. Just like Zosearch, you do not have to pay a dime to use this service.

Spy dialer has a large database and they have provided millions of reverse phone lookup results. The only drawback with this option, however, is that this site only allows you to make up to ten searches in a day.

3. TruePeopleSearch

The brand has been in the reverse phone lookup market since 2017. From its introduction, this service has been able to provide various services to its users. Besides that, it is one of the most established sites on Facebook with millions of likes.

Note that, as much as Zosearch is a cool site to use, it will fail you when it comes to providing more details in their report. Nevertheless, their reports are accurate and it is one of the primary reasons people like using it.

4. Zabasearch

Though we might lack adequate information about this site, the truth is that this site is magnificent. Zabasearch has been in operation for years and was able to beat competitors like Yahoo People in the early 2000s.

Hence, when it comes to experience, this site is reliable. The reverse phone lookup offers the caller’s identity, background, and any other associated numbers.

5. Whitepages

The website provides accurate reverse phone lookup information. However, the only problem with this Whitepages is that you will have to pay to get a detailed report. Therefore, if you have a budget, this could not be a site that could fit your needs.

Nonetheless, be sure to get accurate information on the owner of the phone number.


If you rely on the above sites, you will be sure to get reliable information about the people who have been calling you. Depending on the details you find on the caller, be sure to block them, call them, or report the matter to the police.

Note that all these sites have their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, be sure to pick the one that fits your needs most.

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