Description: Do you have two days in New York City but have no idea how to get the most of it? After reading this article, you will have a well-thought plan of places to visit. All the major ones are covered!

Two days in New York City: is it enough to visit all the major places of interest? We say it is. If you thoroughly plan your trip to New York, you need to save all the important links like for a bike rental or for an apartment rental. As for the tour, save this article. We have prepared a well-thought plan for a weekend in New York.

Day 1 – Central Park, Grand Central Station – Broadway


Is there something better than to grab a tasty coffee and a croissant and enjoy your breakfast in Central Park? This place is basically the heart of New York; therefore, you will see many joggers or mere passers-by who are in a hurry to reach their office.

Once you are full, rent a bike and take a loop around the park. You will be able to take photos in the famous spots that were featured in world-famous movies and TV shows like Gossip Girl, Home Alone 2, or Avengers. If cycling is not your style, explore the Central Park lake by boat. The view is going to impress you.


Once you are done in the park, take the Lower East Side direction when leaving, and you will find yourself on 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue. That’s a must-visit spot if you travel to New York. The iconic Tiffany’s and Trump Tower are right there. If your wallet can afford top restaurants in luxurious hotels, dine there.

In case you seek cost-efficiency, we suggest you have a meal in the area of Grand Central Terminal Station with its marble stairs and an extremely high ceiling. The place itself should be on the list of travel activities.

If you still have some time and power, consider watching a movie in Bryant Park. If there is no, you can at least rest and take a cold drink there.


We hope you like active types of tourism because the evening isn’t going to be any calmer. As soon as it gets darker and the lights of the big city turn on, direct yourself to the Rockefeller Plaza Center to get an instagrammable photo. From there, you will be able to enjoy magnificent New York looks.

Then, the time for a Broadway show comes. After all, will you consider yourself visiting NYC and not enjoying Broadway? We recommend you to buy tickets in advance: keep in mind that the performance doesn’t make a difference as any will amaze you.

Once you are done, it’s time to finish a perfect day in NYC: go to Times Square! The shining billboards and hundreds of people are the manifestations of the phrase “The city that never sleeps.”

If you want to add some more places to the first day, you can consider taking a look at the American Museum of Natural History, Metropolitan Museum of Art, or Carnegie Hall. All of them are literally amazing. You would want to spend some time there and, of course, take dozens of photos.

Don’t forget to sleep well. The next day is going to be even more exciting, and you will need a lot of power.

Day 2 – The Highline, Statue of Liberty – Brooklyn Bridge


Good morning! It’s time for day 2. Wake up early to make the most of the last day in the big city. We suggest you wear some comfy clothes as you are going to walk a lot today. As for breakfast, you can visit any café and eat a sandwich with some coffee. If you are up to something more authentic, come by the Soho or Chelsea market and try traditional NYC food.

Then the High Line awaits you. Come to the location early to explore it all. You will find numerous seasonal food vendors, plenty of fantastic greenery, and budding artists.


Devote the early afternoon to the 9/11 memorial. Although the place isn’t quite fun, you may want to roam around the silent gardens and see where the two World Trade Center towers used to be. By the way, taking a photo by the huge fountains nearby are among the top travel things to do in NYC.

After that, choose the path through Lower Manhattan. Don’t stop until you find yourself at the Whitehall Terminal. From there, take a Staten Island Ferry to finally see with your own eyes the Statue of Liberty. By the way, it’s completely free.


The last evening is going to be a walking evening. Move in the direction of the financial district. To give yourself some rest, take a subway to Wall St. Yes, that’s what The Wolf of Wall Street admirers would love so much. Once you are there, take your time and stroll down to the Brooklyn Bridge.

When planning a trip to New York City, make sure you arrive there when the sun starts to go down. This is the best time to enjoy the view of the bridge and the magnificent skyline. Your photos will be trending on Instagram.

To feel yourself a real New York citizen, finish the day with a tasty $1-pizza-slice at Grimaldi’s. This is the oldest pizza maker on the island. All in all, we suggest you roam around the big city, enjoy the lighted skyscrapers, and take amazing night photos.

Some Useful Hacks

  • Accommodation: it’s better to choose a hotel or rent an apartment in Midtown for you not to waste much time reaching the destinations on the tour.
  • Transportation: Although walking is your main activity during these two days, we recommend you to study the subway: it will save you time and power.

New York is an amazing city. Obviously, two days is not enough to explore it all. Nonetheless, you can manage to visit at least the major places of interest. What do you prefer: guided tours in the USA or off-the-beaten-path routes?