With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may be beside yourself with worry over what to get for your boyfriend. After all, boys are not the easiest set of people to shop for.

Should you go for the thoughtful and romantic, or should you go for the practical? It all depends. That said, here are 3 gadgets you should really think about getting for your boyfriend come Valentine’s Day.

MVMT Watch

They say a man is never complete without the right timepiece strapped to his arm. So what better way is there to sear your image into the mind of your man than getting him a watch he can be proud of?

MVMT Watches are the sort that would look good in any occasion. If your man is the outgoing type, he is sure to stand out as more confident and in control with MVMT watches like the Chrono Gunmetal Sandstone strapped to his arm.

If you envision a formal dinner—or even a casual one—on Valentine’s Day, the appearance of your man, as well as his appreciation of your impact in his life, is sure to be accentuated with an MVMT timepiece on his arm.

If you are in search of an affordable, fail safe option to give your partner on Valentine’s Day, then this is it.

Most MVMT watches also come with interchangeable straps which you can buy for a little bit extra, so that you end up getting your guy the equivalent of several watches at once, something he is sure to appreciate going forward.

They can be picked up from their website, Amazon and a variety of other places.

DJI Mavic Mini

Powerful things often come in small sizes, and the DJI Mavic Mini certainly fits that description. If you man happens to be fond of gadgets, tech, and or especially drones, then you cannot go wrong by forking out some money to get him this drone.

The DJI Mavic Mini is touted as a drone for anyone, not just guys. But since we are talking about getting a Valentine’s Day gift for your man, we are going to stick with the things that make it the perfect gift for any man.

First of all, it’s affordable. For all the features that are packed in this drone, you don’t want your boyfriend feeling guilty that you had to break the bank in his behalf. The DJI Mavic Mini lies in a sweet spot where core features meet low price.

The camera quality is good, the flight range is good, and the controller is good, which is more than can be said for many other costlier drone models.

Another feature that is a core selling point, and one which your boyfriend is bound to enjoy, is the small size of the DJI Mavic Mini. It weighs just 249 grams.

This weight figure is significant for a few reasons. First of all, being lightweight, the device can easily be tucked in a bag and carried along for field trips and other adventures. If your boyfriend is an avid Instagrammer, for example, he could easily take the DJI Mavic Mini along on one of his Instagram trips or adventures.

Secondly, drones that weigh 250g and above have to be registered according to the rules of most aviation authorities. And this can mean a lot of paperwork and test-taking for your boyfriend. The DJI Mavic Mini avoids all that hassle by being just 1g less than the 250g that make registration mandatory.

There are still a lot of features packed into the DJI Mavic, despite its small size, and these include: 30-minute flight time, 4 kilometer HD video transmission, 3-axis gimbal holding a 2.7K camera, and a physical controller that operates with iOS and Android devices. The device is also quick in the air and easy to use in conjunction with an intuitive and easy-to-use flying app.

Whether your boyfriend is a remote controlled flight veteran or an absolute beginner, there is no doubt that he will derive hours of pleasure (and stunning footage) with this drone. It might very well be the perfect gift for any guy.

The drone was rated as the best selfie drone of the year on Dronesvilla and is available from Amazon or the official DJI store.

Zippo Hand Warmer 2012

The cold is not quite gone in many areas, and if you happen to be living in such an area what better gift could you give other than one which keeps your boyfriend warm while you are away?

The Zippo Hand Warmer is the perfect accessory to fight the cold, especially if your man happens to spend a lot of time outdoors. After he receives this as a Valentine’s Day gift, he could keep his hands warm with it while out hiking, fishing, hunting, or camping in the great outdoors.

The Zippo Hand Warmer is also great for outdoor sports and outdoor jobs like construction, forestry service, delivery, and others.

The design is sleek and compact, making it easy to fit into gloves, pants, and pockets without so that the owner needs no other warmers. The premium lighter fluid stored within gives off ten times the heat associated with other hand warmer models and lasts for about 12 hours.