Fake Call Plus

Stuck in a meeting or party and want to be somewhere else? Fake Call Plus is a versatile prank dial app which can be used in everyday situations by organizing incoming calls.

What time you receive the call can be scheduled by a press of a button, so incoming calls can be accepted now or later.

Additional features

UI is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing

Audio can be recorded and heard during a call

Ringtones are available on the app or feel free to import your own audio file.

VIP Call Prank

Trick your friends and have harmless fun with the VIP Call Prank app, which allows you to make fake incoming calls.

Schedule a call immediately which will display your chosen image, name and caller ID. Voices can be selected or recorded beforehand, so once you answer the call, you will hear the audio file you recorded prior.


1. Choose the photo for your incoming call

2. Enter the name and contact number

3. Record your voice which you will hear during the call.

4. Tap to schedule an incoming call.

Who’s Calling Fake Caller

Ziaurehman Amini

This fake prank calling app is outstanding and is known for the vast amount of characters you can choose you to call you. A total of 9 call screens are offered which includes celebrities, boyfriend or girlfriend and other family members.

You can also record your own voice, so pretending to have a conversation over the phone can feel more natural and authentic.

Additional features

– Every caller available will have their own audio sound once the phone is answered

– 99 ringtones available

– Time delay can be activated

– Add any pic from the web to be a potential caller

– Delete callers from the app

Prank Call & Voice Changer

Want to change your voice at the click of a button on your phone? This app does precisely this so fooling friends and family with your new speaking voice has never been more simple.

Your voice can be altered and recorded afterwards using a voice modifier. A multitude of free sound effects are also included, such as chipmunk, fast, slow, helium, hyper and many more.

Background sounds are also available so you can appear to be in an environment of your choosing, some of these are disco, war, rain and a storm.

How to use:

  1. To begin, tap the REC button and start speaking as you normally would
  2. Once your voice is recorded select an audio FX and theme
  3. When editing has finished press play to listen back
  4. Download and send the voice file.

Funny Call

This voice-changing app lets you make voice modifications during a live call so deceiving others can be done quickly without risk.

Your voice can be recorded beforehand to hear what you sound like. Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain a demo function to listen and test your voice on.

This app is known for its wide selection of funny voices, while many other voice changers only contain male and female voice options.

With a whopping 28 voices available you’ll have no shortage of choice, the majority of these are free and to get the premium sounds, you will have to make an in-app purchase.

Alter your voice with some of the following: Robot, DJ, Birthday, DJ Trip and Agent. Premiums include Lord Rock, Party Time and Santa.

Ownage Pranks

Unlike the previous recommendations, this is not a Voice changer or a Fake calling App. Ownage Pranks is made explicitly for prank calling as it contains over 100 pre-recordings which are sent once you make the call.

Tune in live and laugh at the hilarious unsuspecting reactions once you make the call. Recordings are then saved and can be submitted to the pranks hall of fame where the best submissions are featured everyday.

Examples of prank script pre-recordings are as follows:

Noise Complaint- Your victim will be called by German Neighbour ‘Flufla’ and accused of making too much noise by playing Tina Turner at night. Flufla is not happy and insists if the sound doesn’t stop a barrage of German Techno music will be played until 6am in the morning.

Pick Up Your Poop- Buk Lau angrily accuses your victim of leaving their dog poop all over his lawn and insists they clean up the mess. He then threatens to come over and let his dog poop over your victim’s property.

How to use:

  1. Choose Pre-recording from over 100 available. Prank scripts are categorized under different prank genres.
  2. Select contact from your phone list
  3. Press call and listen in live
  4. Wifi is required as calls are not made by your phone network.