According to a survey by the Animal Medicines Australia, there are an estimated 3.8 million cats in Australia. People get pets for different reasons, ranging from companionship to pest control. However, before you adopt a cat, here are ten necessary items you will need.

1. Comfortable Cat Bed

Just like you, your cat will need a comfortable place to sleep or take a nap. When choosing a cat bed, keep in mind the cat will grow. You spend a little extra for a heated bed for added comfort. Discomfort can make the cat seek sleeping arrangements elsewhere. You can choose from the numerous cat bed designs, such as tents, caves, and cribs.

  1. Cat Carrier or Crate

You will need somewhere to put the cat when traveling with your pet. Homemade carriers such as cardboard boxes and laundry baskets are not good for the cat’s health. Cat carriers are designed to keep the cat comfortable and safe during travel. In addition to carriers and crates, you can also add a cat stroller to your collection for fun walks with your pet.

3. High-Quality Cat food

Cats are very picky eaters; you will need different cat food around the house. The nutritional needs of the cat vary depending on the age and size of the cat. Kittens require food that promotes their growth. Similarly, older cats need a lot of calcium to help with joints and aging bones.

4. Feeding Bowls

The choice of feeding bowl is just as important as the food. Get a feeding bowl with the right depth for easy feeding. They should also be large enough to hold a full meal portion. Plastic bowls are cheap and come in colorful varieties. However, if you are worried about allergies, a stainless steel feeder is the way to go.

5. Litter Box

Eventually, all the food will come out the other end. Fortunately, cats are very graceful and hygienic guests. A litter box makes the whole affair easier for all parties. A good litter box should be high enough to avoid spillage but low enough for easy access. It should be as long as the cats. You can opt for a covered or an uncovered litter box.

6. Collar and ID tag

A cat collar serves several purposes. The most important is identification. A collar with an ID tag helps when the cats get lost. Details such as name and address can help reunite a lost cat to its owner, while others like flea collars help in pest control. Make sure the collar fits the cat nice and snuggly to avoid injuries. There should be enough room to fit two fingers under the collar.

7. Cat Doors and Ladders

A car door makes it easy for your pet to leave and re-enter the house at will, which is useful when you are not home. The size of the cat door depends on the weight and size of the cat. The most obvious place for installation is the front door. However, you can also install one on a window. A ladder can be used to complement doors that are out of reach.

8. Cat Toys

Playing games is half the appeal of having a pet. Cats are naturally curious and playful creatures. Toys also help cats get some exercise. This is vital in preventing obesity. The best cat toys are those that mimic real-life prey. Consider getting a toy that looks like a mouse. Other toys such as cat lasers are meant for interactive play between you and your cat.

9. Scratching Post

Cats scratch objects for a variety of reasons. The main reason is to deposit scents from the glands on their paws. They do this to let other cats know their territory. Scratching also helps cats stretch their claws and remove the outer layer of the claws. A good scratching post should be tall and sturdy. Get one to protect your furniture.

10. Grooming Kit

Regular grooming is vital in preventing parasite infestation. Grooming also keeps the coat shiny and helps prevent hairballs. Basic grooming involves brushing, nail clipping, and bathing. You will need to invest in the right brush and nail clippers. It would help if you also had cat shampoo and conditioners to keep the cat clean.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article adequately prepares you for the responsibilities of having a cat. You will be responsible for feeding, grooming, and protecting the cat. Direct To Pet Store specializes in all pet products. Shop today and enjoy timely shipping and long warranties.

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