Wine & Dine Apps for Big City Foodies

New York  City is a melting pot in America. NYC houses food from all over the world, from Chinese restaurants that serve authentic regional foods to empanadas of any desirable filling. Many people desire ethnic cuisine. Other people crave food that looks so unique, that it’s on Instagram before it’s eaten! There are countless “famous” food insta accounts; with food being popular on social media, it only makes sense that technology would change the way food is bought and sold. These three featured apps are transforming the food and beverage industry and were developed right here in NYC.


An app that is perfect for busy bees and is renovating the way restaurants are done in the Big Apple is ANDO. While many people are familiar with recent delivery apps such as Uber eats, ANDO brings food delivery to a whole new level. This Korean-Thai restaurant has no sit-in areas and only does delivery in the midtown area of Manhattan. It is truly a business that is taking advantage of technology for the better.  Many Manhattanites are extremely busy and have no time to sit at a table outside of their own apartment like they may  have done in the past, not to mention with high rents, it is getting harder to open a business. However, with ANDO’s app anybody can pick what they want from the menu, order it, and wait for the delivery. How convenient is that?



Of course there are other people who just want a night at the bar or enjoy sampling different cocktails. For that there’s the HOOCH app. HOOCH is the first known members-only cocktail app that partners with various venues for people to enjoy one free cocktail of their choosing every day at any registered area. The best part about this app is that the venues are all carefully selected to ensure that the drinks are of the utmost quality, especially in big cities such as New York and Hong Kong.



There’s even an app for those who want to expand their own drink business! Introducing Tipsi, whose software, entrepreneurs and various retail chains and beverage companies can use to market their brand of drinks. What’s great about this software is that it helps reduce costs for business operation and development, yet still helps with expanding digital sales to the public. This is great for newer businesses that have a limited budget or just want to save some money. In addition, this software is very beneficial for importers and distributors since it can analyze important data that can be used to check what’s popular amongst the people.

This increase in technology has the potential to change the foodservice industry for the better. With these apps, food services can prospect more conveniently, provide greater options, or even help businesses grow!

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