WEARABLEX: Good Vibes for a Great Workout


If there is one type of exercise that can help people get in shape and relax, it’s yoga. Regardless of anyone’s preferences, there is no denial that yoga has become very popular in the market in the last few decades. Many major outlets have created yoga collections, and some companies have managed to emerge such as Lululemon. In addition, technology has been made to help people develop their yoga skills. But some companies have used technology to even craft gear exclusively for yoga. Recently, fashion tech company, WEARABLEX, has come out with the NADI X vibrating yoga pants that can help anyone in their exercises.



What are they?

The company itself (WEARABLEX) has a long history of designing products that was made to improve the quality of everyone’s lives. Some of their products included fan jerseys, an underwear that was designed with built -in technology. And just like most of their products, the NADI X  are a pair of Yoga pants made with a high-tech twist. These pants were made to help make yoga easier by infusing the fabric with vibrating sensors in them, and with these sensors, the vibrations can teach users step by step poses.


How does it work?

What we really love about the the NADI X is that like most new fashion tech products, it is very user friendly. After the special pulse unit is fully charged, the pants connect to a smartphone through Bluetooth. Once the app and pants are in sync, visual and audio signals guide the wearer through each position while keeping in check with the vibrations.

This is truly a set of gear that is very useful for yoga practitioners at any level, especially for beginners since it has the potential to help them improve at their own pace.

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