#WearableTech: The Ultimate Cuff Is The Ultimate Accessory…

At its core, The Ultimate Cuff believes that in the world of fashion, style shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for the sake of a cost-efficient alternative. As a frequent user of her Apple Watch®, founder and CEO Anne Zacharias felt the standard straps to be unappealing and didn’t quite match her personal style — especially when attending dressier occasions. She found herself leaving her Apple Watch® on her dresser more often than actually wearing it. She shopped for alternate bands, yet designer options were pretty steep costing upwards of $360, while still not making much of a statement. Zacharias realized the only way to get what she wanted was to create it herself. It was then that The Ultimate Cuff was born: a line of affordable and stylish metallic Apple Watch® jewelry cuffs. Today, along with their Creative Director, Tiffany Castillo, the ladies want to help women accessorize their favorite smart watch to match their personal style.

The Ultimate Cuff is a women-owned brand that prides themselves on listening to their customers and recognizes the desire to be unique, which is why we accessorize our phones with fun phone cases, headphones and various accessories apart from what comes with the product. They started the brand with three styles and have recently released two narrow designs in order to accommodate the woman who wants an everyday statement piece. Make sure you follow along to see the exciting new designs they’ll be releasing soon along with the exciting addition of cuffs for the FitBit™!

The Ultimate Cuff brand is filling a much needed void in the market of stylish Apple Watch® bands that can go from day to evening wear and is exactly why we’re excited to curate them into our upcoming Experience on September 12th. Anne and Tiffany represent a small business that not only has the ability to create a high quality in-demand product, they do so with ease by combining their decades of business and creative expertise. There’s no doubt that this team of technology focused women on-the-go will make a difference in the tech fashion market as they encourage women to not settle for the basic watch band. We’re excited to follow them along on their journey and encourage you to be a part of their ultimate community by following them on Instagram and Facebook.

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