The Mercedes Benz of #WearableTech

As technology as fashion are becoming one and the same, we have seen new accessories on the market that can connect to our smartphones and serve a multitude of uses. They can keep track of workouts, alert calls and emails, and even serve as a means to track people. Wearable smart gear often looks sporty and an accessory to wear to pilates. Wearableitalia has managed to take wearable tech to a new luxurious level.

Wearableitalia Craftsmanship

Wearableitalia was founded in 2016 by information technology engineer, Andrea Tomassini and entrepreneur, Giacomo Paolo Barnocchi with the goal to create wearable tech while preserving the luxurious Italian aesthetic. As a result, they have created a collection of smart bracelets named ProdigIO. The bracelets themselves are developed to work like a fitbit, an alert tracker, and a notifications device all in one. Once it is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth low energy technology (BLE) and its app, the bracelet notifies calls, social media activity, emails, etc. In addition, ProdigIO has a feature that is extremely helpful for dangerous situation, its safety button. By using the safety button, the wearer can alert all of their contacts and their location.


In addition to being notably functional, Wearableitalia’s ProdigIO lives up to the company’s high-end aesthetic. Their Fluid bracelet is made with an organic, molten design to add a luxurious accent by giving the effect of melted metal wrapped around the wearer’s wrist. Meanwhile, the Plus bracelet has a refined classic look that is in the shape of a ‘plus sign’ and is simple for everyday wear. Another gorgeous design is the Contrarié bracelet, two metal bands are wrapped around the wearer’s wrist in a mutual embrace that is merged together. All three designs come in gold, silver, and ruthenium black. Wearableitalia’s bracelets are truly making a new statement in the fashion tech industry.













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