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As the years have gone by, phones have gotten bigger and better, and so have their cameras. But what if all you want is the camera? FrontRow invented the wearable camera that has the same utilities as the smartphone camera.


Taking videos and photos just became a whole lot easier and stylish, may we add. This small gadget contains a built-in microphone and speaker and even connects to Wi-Fi so users can share their videos on Twitter Live, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live instantly. While it’s not only easy to use, FrontRow’s fast charging USB-C Port prolongs a 16-hour battery life. Simply press the Media Button once to take a photo, twice to start or pause a story, or press and hold the button to start or stop a video recording. And the Optical and Electronic Image Stabilization ensures that videos will still look their best whether on a boat, riding a bike, or creating new, exciting adventures with friends.

FrontRow also includes an integration with Spotify, a translation app, and stopwatch app to ensure that activities, like working out, traveling, and listening to your favorite soundtracks, will still be enjoyable.

Available in Black or Rose, this new innovative, stylish, wearable camera is a must have and is sure to capture any special moment with the click of a button.


Video lovers #need the MeCam.  This mini camera is sure to capture the right moment at any place and any time.  Even better, it’s wearable!  

The MeCam Classic is not only the smallest wearable camera, but it’s super lightweight, so bringing it on the go is easy!  Users can wear it as a necklace, pin it to a shirt, or pin it to anything that will capture video from the right view.  Made with Infrared LED lights, this mini camera takes videos in low or dark lighting. Available in black, white, pink, blue, and green, the MeCam Classic is perfect for anyone’s first video camera.

Those who want something extra for their camera will #love MeCam HD.  It’s also mini and wearable, so taking it on the go isn’t a hassle.  Shooting in full 1080p HD video through a high-quality glass lens will capture the clearest moments.  And being able to emit its own wifi signal is definitely a plus since it can connect to any smartphone or tablet.  With the proprietary app, the users’ smartphone or tablet can control MeCam HD and instantly share footage!  

Ever wonder what it’s like to shoot a video from the first or third person POV?  Well, now clients can with the MeCam NeoMe!  The clip mount and magnet mount allows for first person POV videos while the magnet, suction, or stick mount allow for third person POV videos.  It’s even waterproof so shooting epic footage underwater or at any action sports event isn’t a problem! Not to mention the high-quality sensor that captures videos in HD, and when connected to the smartphone app users can adjust the time lapse of their videos and then share it on social media!  

As the saying goes, everything is better fun sized.


Tessa Schaal

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