Vital Scout: For Vital Results

With today’s modern technology we have seen applications and devices developed to track everyday activities. Some can track calorie intake, others can track our schedules, and of course our exercise. With gadgets like smart watches and fitbits on the market, there’s no doubt that innovations like this will continue to be part of our lives. Unfortunately, most activity trackers don’t track our health status accurately. However, medical tech company, VivaLNK, has crafted technology to address that issue.

VivaLNK itself is not just any tech company: they are credited with launching eSkin technology in 2014. The technology behind eSkin managed to make it comfortable to wear yet sturdy enough to withstand a majority of movements. VivaLNK aims to use their technology to offer people accurate and affordable health monitoring. One of these products that were made from this tech is the Vital Scout.

While the Vital Scout may seem like another health tracker, it operates in ways that set it apart from most devices. For example, Vital Scout is meant to be worn like a band-aid over the heart, and uses medical grade Electrocardiography (ECG) Sensors to monitor heart rates and respiratory rates. In addition, it can even measure a person’s stress level, which clearly can affect breathing and sleep patterns. To keep track of everything, the Vital Scout connects to a phone app that records the wearer’s data. And at the end of the day the data can be shared and receive feedback from health specialists. This is truly helpful for people who want to improve their health as a whole.

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