Virtual Reality – The Future of Workouts

While we are well into the New Year, it is still winter. Even though we are trying to keep our New Year’s resolutions from last month, the cold temperatures make it very difficult to go outside for a jog or visit a gym. This can make staying in shape during the winter a struggle, but with modern technology, companies have made new ways to exercise at home. One of the most recent inventions are Virtual Reality workouts made by, Black Box VR.

Their Exhibit at the CES this past January in Las Vegas

It all began in 2016 when the founders of, Ryan DeLuca & Preston Lewis, wanted to create an innovative product that would change people’s lives for the better. Upon experiencing VR gaming, Ryan and Preston felt the technology could help people reach their fitness goals and redefine fitness training forever. As a result they created Black Box VR, which combines VR and fitness training.

Now it is true that many companies have combined video games and fitness before, such as Nintendo’s Wii fit. However, what sets Black Box VR apart from other workout technology is that it works like a video game, but the user’s entire body acts like the controller. By using artificial intelligence technology, the Black Box VR acts like a personal trainer designed specifically for the user’s current abilities. The best part about it is that the Black Box VR breaks the old rule of “No Pain No Gain,” and creates routines that are quick and deliver results without any pain. This truly is an innovative feature for workout technology, especially for beginners.

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