Venture Into the Cold with These Heated Accessories


Cold weather is approaching, and with cold weather comes the need to stay warm. May it be with scarves, gloves, hats or jackets, every garment is sure to leave a fashion statement. But sometimes those accessories aren’t warm enough. Don’t freeze, introducing Venture Heat, the wearable heating technology that will not only have customers staying warm, but will also have them leading more “comfortable and fuller lives” (Venture Heat).

How does Venture Heat work? Powered by a 5V 2.1 Amp power bank, outerwear such as jackets and vests will keep the venturer warm in seconds. It only take 10 seconds to heat-up. With an on/off button and three level temperature controller built into every product, clients have the ability to adjust how warm he or she wants to be. Since these items heat up in seconds, an automatic overheating protection is built into every Winter Sports Gear Product, ensuring that clients won’t get too hot.

Heated Gloves

Gloves, mittens, and glove liners keep hands warm when driving, walking in the park, or at a football game. To keep them from getting cold, hand warmers may do the trick, but can take forever to heat up. With Venture Heat’s Alt Battery Heated Gloves, hand warmers can go in the trash. These gloves are perfect for everyday use and come with two rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs and heating panels that cover the back of hands, fingers, and thumb.  Venture heat knows that using a touchscreen device with gloves can be difficult, so they made sure to incorporate a touchscreen friendly index finger and thumb pad!

Escape Heated Softshell Jacket

Don’t forget about Venture Heat’s jackets and hoodies, created for both men and women!  Whether you’re looking for a light weight jacket or a heavy duty jacket, both are sure to keep any customer toasty. The Escape USB Heated Jacket, lined in soft fleece and built with three heating panels, is perfect for a chilly fall night or a blustery winter day, and heats up in seconds! Even better? They’re wind and waterproof! For thicker jackets look no further than the Heated Insulated Jacket. Specifically designed for three seasons, and is both wind and water resistant. Similar to the Escape USB Heated Jacket, this jacket is also built with three heating panels all ensuring those who wear it to stay warm on the coldest days and nights. Each jacket is powered by a 2.0A USB Battery. These heated garments are perfect for the weather confused months of fall and spring while fulfilling winter needs!

Heated Beanie

Hats make the perfect accessory to any outfit. But when it comes to cold weather, it’s difficult to find warmest hat to keep our heads warm. Venture Heat’s Heated Trapper Hat, Heated Beanie, and Heated Hood and Face Mask are the only accessories needed this season. The Heated Hood and Face Mask have large heating panels covering each ear, preventing frostbite and keeping the whole head warm. The Heated Beanie is a great fit for those who like to tackle the outdoors head-on. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery featuring three levels of heat, this hat warms up in just 10 seconds and last for up to 5 hours! The Heated Trapper Hat, containing two heating panels in each ear-maximizing warmth-keeps heads warm and cozy. Venture Heat’s Heated Scarf transmits heat through a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and is designed for anyone who love the outdoors or who simply want a little extra warmth.

With Venture Heat’s jackets, scarves, gloves, and hats that will keep venturers warm in every type of weather, the cold has never looked better.


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  • Jorge 05 / 12 / 2017

    Awesome Heated Clothing and Heated Gear. This is perfect for those people that spend hours outdoors in the cold and for those that don’t want to wear bulky, heavy clothing just to step outside. There is a better way with Venture Heat heated clothiong.

  • Amit Airy 17 / 01 / 2018

    Hi. Greetings for the day. I am a
    Jacket manufacturer. Could you please advise if u can send me the panels only so that i can fix them in my jackets. If possible pl advise me the rate for the same. I am from punjab state in india.


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