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Modern Meadow


Are you an animal lover? Countless retail stores sell desirable leather handbags, jackets, shoes, and clothing that are made from animal skin, leaving us upset and wanting to stop this madness of wearing animals. Thankfully, Modern Meadow found the solution for the unethical cognitive dissonance of wearing animal skin. Through biology and science, Modern Meadows will save one animal at a time, creating products animal-free!

Zoa Circles – Leather Samples

For the past twenty years, Modern Meadows has been using design, biology, and engineering to create the leather products we love, animal-free. By using living cells to grow nature’s materials, bio-fabricated leather materials are then produced without harming animals.  Modern Meadow’s cell engineering creates fiber-structure(s) that allow for better-performing materials as well, again, ALL animal-free!

Modern Meadow grows its own collagen, a protein that is often found in an animal’s skin. By doing so, Modern Meadow takes that collagen and creates it into a bio-fabricated leather material. This is done by taking the base pairs of DNA and creating a new DNA. Once the new DNA is created, it is put into cells which are then multiplied, and produce collagen. After the collagen is produced, the cells group together to create a triple-helix collagen molecule. These molecules then form fibers which are further assembled to create Modern Meadow’s unique material structure. Finally, the materials are completed in a reduced tanning process that is environmentally controlled.

Morgan and Suzanne Modern Meadow: Adam Fithers

This process may sound complicated, but Modern Meadow sure knows what they are doing. They believe and know that by creating their own unique DNA cells, animals won’t have to suffer in order to complete our favorite outfits.  

Sweet Anthem


When it comes to food, being vegan can be difficult.  But what’s not difficult?  Becoming vegan for perfume! Sweet Anthem’s perfume line is 100% vegan and hand-made; you’re sure to fall in love with these fragrances.  

Sweet Anthem

Sweet Anthem’s flagship perfumes are available in Perfume Oil, Eau de Parfum, and a Solid Perfume. Sweet Anthem’s limited edition Eau de Parfum is perfect if you’re looking for something small to throw in your purse, as well as their Solid Perfume, made from an organic soy wax and organic shea butter. Their long-lasting Perfume Oil is their most concentrated fragrance format, making it easy to apply with one roll on your skin.

Sweet Anthem’s Solid Perfumes

No matter what path you forgo, choose from Alice, Annabelle, Caroline, Emily, Juliet, Lucille, Margaret, and Phoebe to meet your perfect scent. With scents of jasmine, oakwood, lavender, sandalwood, maple sugar, and more, you’ll be sure to smell and feel fresh!

Sweet Anthem also offers All Natural Perfumes in their Timeless Collection. If you prefer a sweeter scent, the 1948 Beginners Perfume is the way to go, made of honeysuckle, fragrant frankincense, vetiver, and jasmine. 1969 Revolution, made of Moroccon rose, tuberose, sandalwood, oakmoss, and vetivert, you’ll be uplifted and ready to take on the adventure ahead. 2020 Hope is created from yuzu, almond, lavender, tonka bean, vanilla, and amryis. When applied, the bright notes of yuzu will nurture positive change.

Sweet Anthem – Men’s Collection

Sweet Anthem has also created a line for men. Choose from Anton, Colin, Cooper, Elliott, Peter, or Walden, all of which make sure that they too will smell sexy and attract that special someone.

LaBante London


Do you ever ask yourself what your clothing, accessories, or shoes are made of? LaBante London’s accessories and handbags are vegan, environmentally friendly, and ethically produced. Whether you’re looking for a handbag to complete your every day or night out look, LaBante London has the beautiful, vegan products to sport that look!

If you love shoulder bags but can’t find the right size, look nowhere else than the Demi Shoulder Bag. This winged tote bag creates a more elegant look but is still perfect for your everyday needs. This organized tote has a double zipper compartment as well as a zipper in the center. The inside zippers allow you to store more personal items. Tired of digging around in your purse trying to look for your keys? The Demi Shoulder Bag has a pocket fit for your keys! Whether you’re looking for a purse to add a little flare, or looking for a purse suitable for the night out, the vegan Demi Shoulder Bag is perfect, and is available in black or blue.

LaBante London – Demi Shoulder Bag

With different colors and styles of purses, handbags, and backpacks you will be looking luxurious in no time. LaBante London’s Agnes versatile backpack is perfect for your everyday needs as well as traveling.  Coming in black or white, this bag has two fastening belts, double inner compartments, and a chain attached from the center zip-puller to add a little pizazz; you’ll be looking effortlessly chic.

The Avenue bow tote bag comes in brown, black, and grey. The zipper pocket in the back is perfect for holding your phone, lipstick, or other personal belongings, while the optional shoulder strap allows you to still look fashionable if you’re on the run. This purse is the perfect size for your daily necessities!

LaBante London – Avenue Bow Tote

LaBante London’s Daria Tote Bag is embellished with vegan faux snake skin & available for Pre-Order now!

LaBante London – Daria Tote Bag


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