UPRIGHT: Personal Posture Trainer

With long days at work and busy schedules, it can be hard to stay healthy. In recent years, new technology has been made to keep track of caloric intake, physical activity, and sleep time. One thing that is also important to our health is our posture. Most of the time poor posture can contribute to problems such as neck pain and can affect anyone’s overall health and wellbeing. But with technology, companies have managed to invent devices to prevent slouching and improve posture, one of which is UPRIGHT.

What is UPRIGHT?


Like most new tech, UPRIGHT was made to solve a problem. According to an interview, creator, Oden Cohen, invented it because his mother suffered from terrible posture. However, he wanted something that could be hidden when used unlike most straps that were already on the market. This device was made to help people correct their posture and has even earned over 1.1 million dollars in funding on kickstarter!

How it works


The main thing we love about UPRIGHT is that it is very simple to operate. The user just needs to turn it on, stick the device on their back, and the device emits vibrations in their back to let them know if they are slouching. Also, with their built-in free app, it can detect the user’s slouching habits and display their daily progress. What we love is that this product can train people to obtain a better posture, which can help reduce back pain, reduce stress, and boost their productivity. This is truly something that makes UPRIGHT an innovation for better health.

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