Scent The Mood: Moodo

Over the years people have found ways to make their homes more appealing. This can include new decorations, finding new ways to clean it, new organization, etc. One thing most people don’t think about in their homes is the scent of the environment. While smells may not seem important, different scents can enhance most people’s mood and wellbeing. Moodo was created to help introduce relaxing and refreshing scents into the home.

The makers of Moodo knew that the right scent can change anyone’s mood instantly, and have crafted this new device that is very user friendly. It distributes scents from fragrance capsules to fill the room with different types of smells. What also makes it innovative is that the capsule’s levels can be adjusted to anyone’s preference. This is done through the Moodo’s app, and by connecting to wifi, it can even be controlled by Amazon Alexa.

What we really love about the Moodo is that anyone can choose any kind of fragrance capsules to use; they even come in a variety of different scents. For instance, this citrus fresh capsule is ideal for fruity smells, meanwhile, those with a preference for fresh flowers can check out this devine rose capsule. Regardless, any type of combination can be put together for a room that will truly set a better mood.

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