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High tech gear continues to evolve and innovate, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look good while functioning. When we tend to think of fashion the first thing that pops into our minds is clothes. However, many forms of technology have become new accessories for any outfit or device of your choosing. Here are four gadgets that not only look good, but may be able to fit into just about anyone’s lifestyle.

Let’s look into a piece of wearable technology that is great for almost any music lover: headphones. While there may have been many kinds of headphones developed over the years, one brand in particular has created these stylish sets called FRENDS. Originally pitched on Shark Tank season seven, by Professional Snowboarder, Keir Dillon, and partner Sheen Moaleman, they both sought to create headphones that would function as all headphones do, but would be used by women as an accessory. In order to make this possible, the headphones came with interchangeable caps so they could be matched with any outfit. Since their launch, FRENDS was featured in various fashion shows and collaborated with designer brands such as Dolce and Gabbana. However, the brand became more notable when Singer, Rihanna, tweeted about the headset. As a major factor, the designer D&G set sold out in less than a day. With easy ways to change their appearance, these headphones are the perfect accessory for any fashion obsessed music lover.

Dolce & Gabbana – FRENDS

Even though this is not a wearable accessory, it is still something that is both sleek and useful for everyday life. With the new Macbook computers getting sleeker with fewer ports, it has become impossible to plug in a USB. That is until the NONDA USB-C mini adapter was created to change that. While only the size of a quarter and costing as little as $10.99, this little device was designed to make a huge difference for everyone who needs a USB-C device. When you plug it into your Macbook’s port, it stays in place securely and it will be able to attach USB outlets to your latest model. It’s compact size makes it an ideal add-on without ruining your Macbook’s appearance, and it comes in three colors to match. Whether you are looking to use your USB devices for important documents or just charge something, the NONDA will be a great addition in your tech collection.

USB-C to USB 3.0 Mini Adapter.

Speaking of tech items, we all know that the smartphone has become an essential in everyone’s lives these days, from emails to scheduling, and social media. However, what if there were moments when you just wanted to have a phone for calls only and get off your smartphone for one day? The answer to that is the slim and compact Light Phone that only takes calls, and is the size of a credit card. With the Light Phone, it gives you the chance to disconnect from apps and emails, but you can still receive phone calls through your smartphone’s number. The creator, Joe Hollier , even felt that the phone itself would give people a chance to take a break from their smartphones and develop a new level of happiness. While it does have a stylish design, it is very clear that this new phone can save lives too. It is estimated that smartphones are creating a danger called “distracted driving.” This is where people are focusing on their phones while driving due to a call or text message, as opposed to paying attention. This has caused accidents and deaths, yikes! So it looks like a phone that just calls can not only be a way to find peace, it can keep you safe in the end.

The Light Phone

While the Light Phone may keep you safe on the road, what is to say of the bag you carry it in? Any bag on the market can look great, but there’s always the issue of theft. You could be sitting down for a few minutes and a thief could steal your purse within seconds. This is where Aubry Lane bags solve that problem. All of the bags come in a variety of sizes along with fashionable and cute designs to chose from. However, what makes Aubry Lane a great handbag to have, is that it comes with a tracking device that can help you find it anywhere. Through using a cellular data connection as opposed to bluetooth, it can locate your bag almost anywhere in the world in case it gets stolen. In fact, they are now starting to create backpacks for children, which is great for any parents who have children and who easily get lost or just want to check for their safety.

Aubry Lane

Some trendy gadgets even protect your home. When we talk about safety with all of these new devices, it’s important to prevent them from being stolen. We’re loving the Elephant Alarm System for your front door. Originally part of an unsuccessful kickstarter, the Elephant system still managed to get on the market and it’s simple design serves for its main purpose: preventing home theft. With a simple yet slightly decorative design, it easily attaches to any door with no wires, no hooks, and no fitters. From there it connects to your smartphone and uses an accelerometer and gyroscope to check what is moving the door. As a bonus it can also check for noises which is really handy for locations near the door. When the Elephant detects a break in, it uses your smartphone to alert you and gives you the options to stop the break-in such as calling the police, your friends, etc. While originally meant for home safety, this device can be used for apartments, rooms, and for small businesses too. Therefore, Elephant will be the device that can protect any of these gadgets from theft.



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