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Fifth & Ninth

“[Fifth & Ninth] is committed to serving fashion forward free thinkers” (Fifth & Ninth). Phone cases can be full of personality and reflect the person using them. Whether you’re sporty, have an obsession with sparkles, love superheros, or are artistic; the perfect phone case is out there for everyone.

The Nalibise – Chelsea Black Case

Ted Baker iPhone cases are a must have for both men and women. In the men’s collection, the textured hard shell, Franky – Black Case is designed to keep cell phones scratch-free. Specifically designed for women, The Nalibise – Chelsea Black Case is classy enough to carry at a wedding and rugged enough to save your phone from damage.


The GLAM collection is a must- have for sparkle and marble lovers. This polycarbonate lightweight case and resistant bumper gives your OOTD that extra glam factor! For those who are obsessed with the famous Hermes Birkin purse, the KNIGHT collection is for you.


Kitschy quote lovers will definitely have something to talk about with Fifth & Ninth’s iPhone cases such as Kiss my Touche and She Just Knows. Plain Janes? Don’t worry there are phone cases for you too! The Genuine Leather cases are simple yet still add a stylish look with the leather fabric, and are available in tan and black. These phone cases are sure to “withstand the everyday wear and tear of your busy life” (Fifth & Ninth).

Chiara Ferragni

Flirting iPhone Cover

Chiara Ferragni’s iPhone cases express art, music, and pop culture. This Italian fashion brand used their famous winky face on their funky phone cases to make a statement. The Flirting iPhone Cover, available in silver, blue, green, tan, black and red are perfect for sparkle lovers while the iPhone Cover Fur are for those who like to add little “fluff” here and there. The iPhone Cover Stickers are creative and fun, yet give off a “candy street” look while still protecting your phone. Each case features Chiara Ferragni’s iconic winking eye “Flirting” motif.

iPhone Cover Fur

Velvet Caviar

“Pretty yet protective” phone cases? Sign me up! Velvet Caviar phone cases, available for iPhone and Samsung smartphones, not only protect phones from being damaged, but are a one-of-a-kind accessory. From ‘coffee please!’ and marble cases, to chrome and glitter cases, Velvet Caviar has it all.  

Ladies, tired of carrying a purse when you’re going to the club with a few friends? Velvet Caviar has a fix for that! The Mirror Wallet iPhone Case holds credit cards, ID’s, and cash comfortably with the addition of a built-in mirror. What better case than one that feels like you’re holding a purse in your hands?  

We all need a little sparkle in our lives. Velvet Caviar’s Glitter Phone Cases are a hot commodity on the market. In various colors, shapes, and designs these glitter cases were vamped to protect your phone screen from cracking and blinding people with sparkle.

Coffee-addicts need their complementary phone case, too. Part of Velvet Caviar’s Glitter Collection, the Coffee Please Glitter iPhone Case sparkles with hot and cold brew. The Blue Chrome Flames iPhone case is #LIT, perfect for car lovers and/or those who have more of a punk-rock side.

Marble galore! Velvet Caviar’s Marble Cases come in all colors and designs. From white and gray, to turquoise rose gold chrome, to cotton candy, these cases are sure to give off an elegant look but still protect your phone from being damaged.

Phone cases are like shoes for your phone; you can’t just have one pair. From glitz and glamour, to inspirational quotes, to creative patterns and designs, these phone cases will have us shopping for more.


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