Top 5 Home Design Apps

The way we live is always changing. What’s also changing? The place you live. With Homepolish, you can design or accessorize your dream bedroom, office, bathroom, or entire house to fit your perfect vision! With four easy steps, your dream can come true. You simply choose a designer, tell him or her what your picture perfect design is, and create a project proposal. You’ll then be able to purchase your design package and work with your designer to make your masterpiece come to life–starting at $130/hr. The best part about this? As a bonus you’ll receive discounts on all your favorite furniture and home decor. After you’ve “bought time,” you will finally be able to start the fun: creating and executing your desired look! With your own personal designer, you’ll be able to find the best products at a discounted rate, and after your dream vision is finished, you can celebrate with a pop of champagne!


Another fun home design app is, Zillow Digs. This application is the go-to when it comes to designing homes, remodeling, or simply glamming up a room. Whether you’re sitting at home or on the go, Zillow Digs is there for you! View bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, indoor and outdoor area-specific utilities photographs to have an idea of what meets your perfect needs. Choose from thousands of colors and styles when designing your project.  Even better?  You can choose products that suit your design in a specific budget range! Not only does Zillow Digs allow you to create the perfect design, but you can also buy, rent, sell, or even mortgage a house!

You decide to paint a room in your house. You imagine that room being a specific color because you’ve always wanted it to, and you finally do it. Once the room is all finished, you step back, take a look at the finished product, and then realize that you made the wrong choice of color.  Don’t worry!  With ColorSnap From Sherwin-Williams, your paint catastrophe can be turned into your paint masterpiece using your mobile device! Simply take a photograph of an animal, object, or landscape that has a color you love, and ColorSnap will do the rest.  ColorSnap chooses from thousands of colors to create your own personalized palette.  

ColorSnap Sherwin Williams

Homestyler Interior Design is like no other. With the ability to design your home in 3-D, it will seem as if you’re living in your dream room virtually! Homestyler Interior Design allows you to walk through your design before it comes to life, literally. Take a picture of a room in your house you’re thinking of remodeling, upload it to Homestyler Interior Design, and choose from different furniture and accessories to complete your desired look.  Not quite sure what you want a room to look like and want ideas? Homestyler Interior Design allows you to look at what everyone else is doing!

Do you have a room you love but it needs accessorizing?  Curate is the solution for that, at home and on-the-go. With the Curate app, you can see if a favorite painting can be a perfect fit in your house.  Simply take a picture of your wall, enter the dimensions, and scroll through hundreds of galleries to see what artwork would look best in your house.

Curate App


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