These E-Commerce Apps Will Have You Rockin’ the Runway in No Time

Are you addicted to your smartphone, always looking for new apps to download? Do you have a passion for fashion? If the answer is yes, then check out these fashion-perfect apps that will have you looking like a fashion queen!

Brick & Portal

Do you ever imagine what it would be like to become a fashion designer, to mix and match patterns and colors to create the perfect outfit? Well now you can with the Brick & Portal app! Brick & Portal is an e-commerce platform that allows you to shop with not just your friends, but with people all over the world online! Choose outfits and accessories from your favorite brands like Forever 21, TOPSHOP, Bloomingdale’s, JIMMY CHOO, and more.  

Brick & Portal knows that outfits can be outrageously expensive; that’s why this app allows you to find the best look for the best price. Take a look at what others have created by clicking on the “Curated Looks” tab, or create your own and go fashion stir-crazy. If you have a specific event such as a GNO or brunch date, but you don’t have the right outfit to wear, Brick & Portal has the answer. Choose from already-made looks such as #SUMMER, #BRUNCH, and #NYC to be inspired.

Brick & Portal

Brick & Portal isn’t just for women; men can also curate their favorite look or browse outfits of other male users. Brick & Portal can assist unstylish guys on the perfect outfit to impress their lucky partner. You and your date will be looking like you just walked the red carpet!

Brick & Portal

And don’t forget to follow Brick & Portal on Instagram, @brickandportal, to receive all the latest info on your favorite items along with items such as sneaker, jackets, handbags, tops etc., soon to be released!

Haute Trader

Is your closet filled with designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, and Prada that you don’t wear anymore and are looking to give away?  Or does your closet need some summer cleaning and re-stocked for a fall fresh look?  With Haute Trader, clients can exchange shoes, handbags, clothes, and more, all which will keep them looking like a fashionista; no purchase necessary.

Haute Trader, only available to those in the United States, is the first social marketplace for stylish women to trade luxurious designer fashions and in addition, gain their exclusive currency with each new trade. Haute Trader allows its members to make a trade offer and earn Haute-Points, or make an instant Haute-Points Trade. Guests have the ability to choose whether or not they want to accept or decline an offer, ensuring that he or she is satisfied with their luxurious designer brand.  

As a bonus, for every successful item-for-item(s) trade, guests will receive a reward of Haute-Points-which equal the Tier value of the traded item.  What are Tier values? Every label that is accepted has a tier value–ranging from 1 to 4–and that value results in Haute-Points. For example, an item with a Tier 3 label is the equivalent to 300 Haute-Points. The higher the Tier value, the more points a guest will receive.

Haute Trader

Premium listings allows for guests to protect their luxurious Tier 4 items, where they are sent to HauteTrade HQ and are cleaned, authenticated, and inspected. However, this trade can only be completed if both items are authentic and the conditions are up-to-par with the conditions on its website.

By submitting up to three items in a single trade offer, guests are able to increase their desired fashion brand. And all trades, whether a trade offer agreement or instant Haute-Points trade, includes free shipping!

Haute Trade guarantees its clients to edit their style while keeping pace with the most fashionable women across the nation.

The Hunt

Unsure of the look you’re wearing?  Are you looking for new looks to rock? Or do you simply love the outfit you’re wearing?  I so, head to the app store on your smartphone and download The Hunt.  With the snap of a camera, you’ll find all of your favorite looks and become inspired by thousands of others!

Choose from the “Latest,” “Popular,”  and “Celebrities,” tabs to see what fashion is out there! If you’re unsure of an outfit, nail color, accessories, or simply can’t decide between two looks, take a picture, create a poll, and see what the world has to say! Don’t hesitate to vote on a look for someone else either. The Hunt doesn’t just want to help you; they want you to help others too!

The Hunt

Don’t forget to browse The Hunt’s recently added Editorial section! View interviews from your favorite celebrities to articles about the most recommended products for your hair. Or simply read an article about what the handbag you wear says about you!

The Hunt is sure to meet your fashion needs, and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram to continuously be updated with their latest fashion trends!


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