The Right Light for the Right #Selfie

With smartphones being a utility in everyday life, one thing that has become common online and has changed some industries are selfies. It’s something we see every day on social media that tells us about our friends’ activities, makeup used for a hot new look, or even to advertise a business. Recently, selfies have to lead to new products such as selfie sticks, phone mirrors, and even used on the names of beauty products. But there’s always the issue of finding the best type of lighting for selfies. Some people have pictures that don’t look the way they want to due to terrible lighting or areas that are just too dark. But modern tech has managed to bring us new gadgets that can help with that problem, Flawless Lighting By KB.

The company was developed quite recently, yet their goal is to provide people with the right lighting they need for their ideal pictures. Noted on their Instagram page, Flawless Lighting feels that, “Lighting and Beauty should never be apart.” As a result, the company has created several different types of lights that can be attached to smartphones or put on a desk. The products themselves are made with LED lights and come with different light color and level settings. Which is great for finding the right light effects in photos.

In addition, their lights come in a variety of designs that can fit just about anyone’s preferences. For instance, this clip on ring light comes in a size that can fit all brands of smartphones and it even fits inside of a pocket, which is very useful when on the go. Meanwhile, for people who want to try and get into beauty vlogging, the live streaming set comes with flexible necks that can adjust to any angle and a sturdy clip holder so it can clamp to desks and tables. As a bonus, the company sells makeup brushes that come in cute and colorful designs at affordable prices. Regardless, Flawless Lighting is helping anyone obtain their best selfies.


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