The Little Words Project: The Friendship Bracelet of Female Empowerment

Let’s think back to day camp and the little alphabet-bead friendship bracelets we crafted spelling out our names or sweet words on colorful threads. Nostalgically, The Little Words Project created these bracelets to unite women. These engaging bracelets offer a modern and luxurious take on the traditional word bracelet with an empowering message.

Founded  by Adriana Botti, in Jersey City, New Jersey, Little Words handcrafts these modern friendship bracelets with genuine Swarovski crystals. Some of their bracelets include the Beaded White Collection featuring classic alphabet beads. For sorority members, they have the Sorority Collection with various colors and houses. Also, future brides are not left out with their Bridal Collection, the perfect way to start any wedding day. While these bracelets do look great, Botti’s mission was to ensure they would make any woman who wore them feel great too, which is why their words go deeper than you would think.

Little Words Project

What makes these bracelets even more meaningful is that each one of them comes with a gold tag with a unique number on it, making each bracelet one of a kind. In the system created, women can trade off any of their bracelets to another woman, and the number on the tag can be registered and tracked with the company’s app. Through this, the original owner will know how many women she has shared kind words with, and will even know where the bracelet is. If you don’t have anyone to trade with, there’s also the Bracelets That Give Back collection, which features several designs that use part of their profits to donate to various charities.

Little Words Project

These bracelets may seem like a simple accessory, but their design and purpose are something that just about anyone can get behind. Any accessory-junkie will love the fact that these bracelets are crafted with Swarovski crystals, and that there is a style for almost any occasion. Meanwhile, women who want to connect and spread kind words to other women can participate in the brand’s mission and share their bracelets as a sign of friendship, empowerment, and kindness. After all, a little goes a long way. And what better way to do so than through accessories!


Catherine DeGroot

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