Techwears: Fashionable Tech Recycling

In today’s modern fashion we have seen the industry embrace recycling and sustainability for many brands. Some brands use fabrics made of recycled water bottles while others simply recycle fabrics from old clothes in order to reduce waste. But then there’s one company that takes waste reduction to the next level: Techwears.

Originally started in 2014 by a tech-enthusiast named Drew, Techwears came from Drew’s fascination with tech waste. More precisely he was fascinated by circuit boards and he wanted to purchase a tie made from them. However, he couldn’t find one and decided to make one himself. While originally an art piece that was not for sale an admirer eventually changed his mind. As a result, Drew started the business and has made accessories from old circuit boards.

One of the great things we love about these accessories is how they renovate electronic recycling. Drew himself has stated that companies have a responsibility when it comes to sustaining the environment. So it is no surprise that this wearable technology is preventing broken technology from winding up in the landfill. Also, we also love how Drew’s company managed to create a variety of accessories for every tech-geek.

Firstly, Techwears offers ties that come in a multitude of colors and styles. This Black Circuit bowtie adds a high-tech touch to a classic look and is sure to be great for parties. Meanwhile for the ladies, Techwears even sells earrings made from recycled motherboards which can be a great new addition for daily wear. The way Techwears makes its products is truly a new way for fashion to be sustainable and reduce trash.


Catherine DeGroot

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