Recap, Remixed: Meet the Makers @ TechStyle NYC 2.12.18

TechStyle NYC made its way over to The Fashion Class, on February 12th for it’s 8th Biannual Showcase Experience with innovation and cultural progress in the fashion and tech industry. The curation, hosted by Janine Just of Janine Just Inc, was sponsored by The Garment District and Gerber Technologies.

Guests discovered in technology through the wear of clothing, fabric, makeup products, and everyday needs.

Kicking off in the Garment District, guests were treated to various workshops to partake in, including a sewing demo from Singer and the Fashion Class where individuals were able to personalize a patch of their choice to being educated on the world of 3D printing with MakerBot and Danit Peleg. Attendees were able to see how a pair of designer heels from Danit were made directly on the printer.

Dress Code Tech showcased the meaning behind their binary bracelets: encouraging young girls/ladies to code and STEM subjects. With each cuff a binary code was printed directly on the bracelet that not only conveys empowering messages like, “I am Brave, I am Bold and I am Kind,” but also unlocks a lesson for them to take.

Media folks and major influencers enjoyed complimentary services at the Beauty Bar from Cuvee Beauty, Sheree Cosmetics and Beau Brummell for the gents. We had our guests looking like the superstars they are with the help of celebrity makeup artist, Valerie Star from Caravan Stylist Studio. Thanks to Boxed Water for keeping those in the Beauty Bar hydrated while getting primped and pampered…because boxed is better.

Deep Eddy Vodka, a favorite from the previous experience, was on hand to serve their delicious fruit juice vodka cocktails.  Bai Drinks also set up shop with their “Bai Bar” of non-alcoholic offerings. Special shout-out to KIND for not only providing us with some great snacks but our gift bags as well.


Another great innovative collaboration with astonishing brands became a remarkable event for TechStyle NYC during Fashion Week! Want to like, comment and share the photos from the event.. Simply click here to view the full gallery.

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