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As technology becomes an essential part of everyday life, it is not a surprise that technology and fashion are integrating. At the same time, we are also using technology to help solve problems. Seriously, how many times have you stepped out but then looked at your phone only to see that you didn’t charge it? This is a real problem for many people, especially for those who like to go out. However, one modern and trendy solution that is solving this is hi-tech infused purses that can recharge your devices wherever you are. But what if you wanted a purse to match the outfit you’re wearing and charge your phone at the same time? Or what if you need more than one device charged? This is where light-infused purses and other bags come in, to not only go with your outfit, but to charge multiple objects.

With new seasons and fashion trends frequently occurring, having a matching purse with your outfit is something that can solidify your look. This is where app-controlled VanDerWaals handbags can help you. The idea for the bag itself started with the founder’s daughter, who continuously changed her outfit depending her mood. To do this, VanDerWaals used an app connecting to your phone. This app allowed you to control your bag’s color with light technology, matching your current mood with your current look. In addition, the bag has other features such as displaying a small light show to sync with your music. And for the busy woman who can’t miss a phone call, the bags change colors to alert you when you have a call. They also didn’t forget about the importance of recharging your phone. All of the bags can be charged wirelessly and store enough energy to charge a smartphone twice. Currently the brand has several different bag styles, from shoulder bags to totes, all made with genuine black leather for a luxurious appeal, yet still be a great match for any outfit.


If you’re not into big purses and you prefer clutches, you don’t have to look any further. Creative Arts Technology (CAT) uses LED technology to change the appearance of your clutch for any night out. Founded by husband and wife, team of Al and Erin Linke, CAT was a project inspired by Erin’s love of purses and was funded through Kickstarter. By using their app, you can change the images and colors that show on your clutch to match it with your own style. This is not only great for outfit-matching, but it even helps when you’re going out to places like clubs or just want to bring some more fun to a party. As a bonus, if you’re the kind of person who needs their phone charged, it’s not a problem. The CAT clutch has a phone charger port too so you can party all night long and not worry about a dead phone. Right now it is currently preparing to expand with help an Indiegogo campaign launching soon, and if it’s funded to its goal, chances are this clutch could become a great fall bag or a gift for the holidays. 

CAT is launching their IndieGoGo purse on Tuesday October 10th with an early bird hidden special on Monday October 9th. For the early bird hidden special, CAT is making the last 30 bags they have in stock available at $50 off.

CAT Clutch

While color changing purses are something that is great for women who want a new look, some women prefer a more professional-looking bag. With a lot of us owning more than one device to charge, it’s not very convenient to own a color-changing bag that can only charge one phone. Right now a lot of bags that are designed to charge more than one device are made for function as opposed to fashion. This left many fashionistas who are into technology with only one type of charger. That managed to change with the emPOWERED bags.

Started by Loni Edwards in 2014, her vision was to help women recharge their phones when there were no places to charge them. While it is very similar to the typical phone charging bags that were being developed at the time, what sets emPOWERED bags apart from the rest is that they charge more than just one device. These bags were not only designed to look great, but they could charge a tablet, a digital camera, and for book lovers, a kindle. This is extremely useful for any busy professional who travels a lot and needs to use multiple devices. As of now, their first collection is sold out, but they are now looking to partner with other brands to increase their presence and potentially create new types of bags to charge your laptop too. So if you’re a professional who is looking for a bag that can charge your laptop or tablet without having to carry around a charger, be on the lookout for emPOWERED. For anyone who is tired of carrying around a charger looking for an outlet, or anyone who simply wants to own something that adds more fun to their look, these purses are for you!


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