From War to Peace: Sword & Plough

Now that we are in a new year, one thing that we can’t forget in this country is our nation’s veterans. Be it the veterans who have fought years ago, to the ones who just came home, there’s no doubt that veterans are important to our country. However, many veterans in this country are facing hardships after they come home. Be it physically, mentally, or financially, there are veterans who still need help. While there are multiple charities to help them and their families, one company in particular recycles military objects and makes them into something for just about everyone: Sword & Plough.

Founded by sisters Emily and Betsy, they grew up surrounded by military veterans their entire life. While growing up around soldiers, they often encountered veterans who faced many difficulties; one of the most common was trying to gain employment after their services. The idea for the company came to Emily when she was a senior in college and listened to a speech by Jacqueline Novagratz. As a result, the company was formed with the intent to help veterans and find a good use for leftover military gear.


At Sword & Plough, the company takes surplus military technology and other materials (fabric used bags) and turns them into everyday fashion items such as repurposed bags. However, these items were built to connect people with veterans as conversation pieces. In addition, the company even hires veterans in order to provide a stable employment. Not to mention their products look great yet have a simple design. The Green signature Zip Top tote bag is casual yet durable and can be used every day. Meanwhile, the .50 caliber bar bracelet has an elegant appeal.


While many veterans across the country are still facing obstacles as they return to society, there’s no doubt that Sword & Plough is making a difference for many of them. We love how Sword & Plough is enhancing the lives of our brave veterans and how American beauty is restored within their products.


Catherine DeGroot

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