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Do you ever walk home late at night and feel uncomfortable, afraid something might happen?  Well no need to worry.  With Occly guests will feel as if they have a police officer right beside them.  This wearable bodycam alarm system is built to keep guests safe at any time, anywhere.

With four different alarm modes, Occly captures videos and audio from four directions, allowing data to be collected before and during emergencies.  Get this!  It also uses LEDs and sirens to alert help immediately all while transmitting images and audio.  Occly even includes a built-in GPS to show the exact coordinates of the user.  



How does this creative technology work?  Three words: collect, connect, protect.  Step 1 allows for Blinc’s alarm system to go off, using 4 cameras to capture video and audio around the user, while LED lights flash and sirens alarm.  Step 2 allows video and audio evidence to be sent to the cloud where it is then accessed by their Emergency Response Team, and a GPS location is set out.  Finally, step 3 sends out the Emergency Response Team in a quick and timely manner as well as notify the wearer’s friends and family that he or she is okay.

Technology is being created each and every day to protect the world.  Could Occly be the first step




Friends and family may be the two most important things in a person’s life, and knowing that everyone’s safe is a must.  With Safelet, a wearable device, loved one’s won’t have to worry if their best friend, daughter, or son could be at harm.  


When wearing Safelet, users can simply press the SOS button when he or she feels at risk.  Once activated, the alarm notifies friends and family with your location, and help will be on the way ASAP.  And get this, after downloading the Safelet app, guardians can to listen to a sound recording and even lets its users see both recipients on the map, making it easy to communicate through a chat system.   

Because this emergency system is wearable, fashion is a must.  Coming in three different styles, Safelet is sure to go with any outfit.  The Tess Collection is a more casual bracelet, while the Indra Personal Safety adds a little more flare with a design on the front.  And the Hero Personal Safety collection acts as a watch too.  

“Regardless of who you are and where you are, feel free, feel safe,” with Safelet (Safelet).

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