#SmartTech for the Eyes

Glasses galore! These glasses will have clients doing more than just being able to “Vue” what’s around them. Choose from different styles and colors to express personalities with a tech twist.

Vue is the world’s first pair of smart glasses that are designed for everyday use. Offered in prescription, plano, and sunglasses” (Vue).  With a tap, swipe, or hold of a finger, navigate your Vue and look stylish. Never miss a beat with this! With bone conduction audio technology, sound is transferred to your ears without the hassle of headphones. Clients can listen to music, answer phone calls, and hear notifications all around simply from their eye glasses.

And when you’re not wearing them simply charge them over night in the portable charging case. Even better, the battery lasts up to a week! Vue also makes sure that its wearers are safe wherever they go. Whether it’s taking a walk in a park, working out, or riding a bike, it’s easy to listen to directions, calls, or music without blocking their ears, allowing for them to be cautious with the commotion around them.  

Not to mention Vue glasses are water resistant, so for those who wear glasses 24/7, the rain won’t be an issue. With the mobile app compatible with iPhones and androids, users can customize their experience by hearing the current time, weather, activity, and summary!  

Vue is definitely “the glasses we’ve always wanted” (Vue).  


Tessa Schaal

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