Smart Suitcases: #Travel the Smart Way

With the holidays coming up, everyone will be traveling all over. People travel across the world to visit loved ones, take a break from the cold weather, or just go on a well deserved vacation. The most essential item for any kind of travel is the suitcase. From time to time they can present problems, some include baggage fees when it’s filled with what’s needed for the trip, sometimes cases aren’t big enough, and other times they just get lost. However, companies have managed to merge technology with suitcases in order to reduce these problems and make traveling easier for everyone.


One company that has made these incredibly high-tech suitcases is Bluesmart. The company itself was founded by frequent travelers who experienced many of the problems that most travelers do when it comes to luggage. One of the features include a GPS tracker; this way nobody can face the dread of losing their luggage. While other features are chargers for laptops and phones, distance alerts, and a weight measurement system, all of these programs are conveniently connected to the Bluesmart app that can ultimately make everything more convenient for travelers as a whole. As a bonus, the suitcases come in a variety of sizes that are perfect for a busy traveler or light packer.


Meanwhile, the Soho based company, Raden has created similar bags with a more simple approach to their features. Much like the Bluesmart cases, Raden is able to connect to a phone app in order to measure luggage weight, track the bags so they won’t get lost, and even includes a built in phone charger that stores enough power to charge a phone four times! Unlike Bluesmart, Raden was designed with durable and high quality materials to ensure that the bags remain sturdy even during accidents. In addition, they also come in multiple colors and look very modern, which is truly great for the fashion-obsessed traveler. No matter how much traveling anyone does, smart suitcase technology has truly managed to ease travel, and new smart cases can easily eliminate traveling inconveniences in the future.


Catherine DeGroot

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