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With smart devices affecting lifestyles these days, it is not surprising that the bridge between fashion and technology is connecting. In fact, companies went from smartphones to smartwatches in the span of just a couple of years. Smart gadgets are innovating daily lives. Right now one of the latest projects to be added to smart technology is smart rings. While this may sound like something from a spy movie, smart rings are truly going to close the gap between fashion and technology a lot faster.


Blinq Blinq

A spinoff from the smartwatch, Blinq is currently live on Kickstarter with the intent to control checking a smartphone. The main features of Blinq includes: limiting notifications such as phone calls and custom alerts from the complementary app; this way anybody can decide who or what gets attention. It also counts calories burned and distance walked; when the ring tapped multiple times it can contact emergency services. Not to mention it was designed as a piece of fine jewelry to ensure fashionistas that it won’t clash with any outfit and look amazing!


OURA Rings

Meanwhile, as people want something to regulate their internal schedules, there’s the OURA ring. Designed with science in mind, OURA uses the arteries of the user’s finger to detect sleep and movement at any time. For sleep, OURA can detect sleep patterns and make its user more aware of their sleep patterns, and aids in overall sleep improvement in the long run. Also through its technology, OURA can detect every single movement done throughout the day, from regular exercise to simple errand tasks such as shopping. Through this detection, the user can analyze how active they are throughout each day and it has the potential to motivate exercise. OURA is even made with ceramic zirconia and is designed to fit comfortably on almost any finger.  What makes this ring even better?  It’s waterproof so it can be worn at anytime and anywhere!



MOTIV is a device that tracks sleep, fitness, and heart rates through its use of a heart rate sensor. What makes it unique is that MOTIV sets fitness goals for its user on a daily basis and invariably tracks their heart rate. It is even a great accessory that can be worn with any outfit due to it being made with titanium and manageable size. MOTIV has a three day battery life and it is waterproof; therefore, it tracks every movement the user makes from sleeping, swimming, and going to work.



Ringly Luxe

For other people who prefer a more fashionable gadget, there is RINGLY. Just like Blinq, RINGLY can connect to various apps on a smartphone and filters the notifications they want to see. Flashing different colors let the user know what kind of notification they are receiving such as a call, email, or social media post. At the same time, RINGLY can stay connected to a phone up to 20 feet away, so anybody can remain in another room while their phone is charging and not miss a single message!  But what really separates it from previous rings is that RINGLY has a bracelet line as well that are made with either metal or leather,  and truly adds a luxurious touch.  Smart rings have the potential to make fashion and technology one and the same in the future. From checking daily fitness to alerting what a user wants to see on their phone, there’s no doubt that what used to sound like sci-fi is becoming a reality.


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