Personalized Experiences Through the Fashion of a Jacket

High tech designs are hitting the runway and closing the gap between fashion and technology. Right now we’re seeing the rising brand, Rochambeau give us something made possible when technology and fashion merge: the smart jacket. Rochambeau’s smart jacket is not only stylish, but invites people to new social experiences that they could not access before.

Inspired by the skating culture of NYC, Rochambeau was created in 2011 by  Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper, and since it’s creation it has been nominated for various awards including the US Woolmark Prize.

This smart garment is a #BornDigital product and is manufactured with serialized smart labels, tags, and added software capabilities that make them more intelligent, interactive, and valuable to companies and their consumers. The smart jacket connects with a smartphone via NFC and features QR codes that are hidden in the sleeves and offer exclusive deals. Some of these deals include the access to restaurants, clubs, and art galleries!  Also, as part of #BornDigital, the smart jacket can link to other products affiliated with the collection; each piece of clothing connects to a software archive in the #BornDigital system’s cloud. This invention, engineering smart technology into clothing, is creating a new digital media platform.

Rochambeau’s retro bomber-style smart jacket is extremely high-tech and is innovating the fashion industry. Many of the jackets that are launching for the 2017 Fall/Winter season have sleek urban styles that are great for cold days. The jackets are also popular with A-list celebrities too. Some of its biggest fans include Gigi Hadid, who not only looks great in it but presents a retro style that’s great for a casual outing. Regardless, if anyone is a tech-geek or a fashionista, Rochambeau truly makes a statement for fashion and technology.


Catherine DeGroot

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