Smart Appliances that are Transforming Kitchens

In the modern age of technology many smart products have become part of everyday lifestyle, such as phones, tablets, TV’s, and watches. It would only make sense that new smart gadgets would be created to make everything in a house more convenient. In fact, one area in any house that has many problems is the kitchen. Some people have no idea what they have in their fridge when they need to go food shopping or forget how long food has been inside, letting it expire and go to waste. Other times, when people try to make a drink like coffee or tea, it usually results in trial and error before it can come out right. Thanks to new smart devices made exclusively for the kitchen, those problems will be a thing of the past providing convenience for all kitchen needs.


One company that invented smart appliances for the kitchen is Smarter. The corporation was founded in London with an effort to create innovative, practical tools that made working in the kitchen more convenient for everyone. Their portfolio of products include: FridgeCam, iKettle, and Smarter Coffee. The fridgecam features technology that can connect with the brand’s own smartphone app to check what’s already inside of the refrigerator. Smarter’s FridgeCam helps detect expired food while the app also suggests meals to make with ingredients that are already in your fridge. These features will certainly reduce your trips to the grocery store.

Smarter Coffee

Meanwhile, their coffee maker called “Smarter Coffee,” provides convenience for all coffee-lovers out there. With Smarter Coffee, the app can control when coffee is brewed and how strong it is. In addition it can also connect to Amazon’s Alexa for control, informs the user how much water is left, and lets anyone choose how many cups to brew. However, for those who prefer tea, there’s an alternative: the iKettle. Just like the Smarter Coffee, the iKettle connects to a smartphone or Alexa in order to boil tea water at any time, or even set an alarm so the kettle will boil the water first thing in the morning.


While Smarter’s products can innovate the kitchen with their technology, other companies such as Samsung have invented smart fridges. Samsung’s new 4 door flex fridge model is integrated with multiple high-tech assets that make any kitchen more convenient. While Smarter’s fridge camera can be installed in any refrigerator, it’s still only one camera. Samsung’s refrigerator has over three cameras already installed so anybody can see what’s inside of the fridge, and the system can also detect when food is about to expire. Also, what separates this from any other appliance is that the screen on it can work just like a smartphone by sharing calendars, notes, pictures, and memos with everyone. As a bonus it can play music and stream videos, which truly does add a very modern touch. Nevertheless, these products are changing kitchen technology and can help improve lives in the future.

Capacity 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator with Family Hub™


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