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For anyone into fashion, a comfortable, stylish pair of shoes is something that is a wardrobe necessity. Sometimes finding the perfect pair of shoes can be a struggle. Some are too narrow for wide feet, and others look really great but feel uncomfortable. Some are comfortable but don’t look good, and others just don’t come in the right size. Despite these problems, technology has managed to find a solution.

Shoes of Prey

One website that is great for any woman looking for new shoes is Shoes of Prey. Founded by Jodie Fox, Michael Fox, and Mike Knapp in 2009, the trio created the internet-based shop where they believed that style was a reflection of the wearer. In order to separate themselves from other retailers, Shoes of Prey features the option to customize any of their shoe styles at affordable prices. This is a great for anybody who loves a certain shoe style but can’t afford luxurious prices. Customization can start with an already-made shoe, and shoppers can choose to either buy the default design as it is, or customize it for their tastes, including heel height and the type of fabric used. In addition, there are blank templates for anybody who prefers to design their shoes from scratch.

Awl & Sundry: Artisan

The idea of bespoke shoes has expanded into men’s fashion as well with Awl & Sundry. It all started when founder, Nikunj Marvania was faced with the dilemma of finding a good pair of shoes at a reasonable price that fit well. With numerous trials and errors Marvania decided to solve the problem himself by launching this website. As he worked alongside with partner Mario Lanzarotti, they both launched Awl & Sundry in 2014. Through the system, the shop directs customers to  record their foot measurements to create a  shoe that will fit perfectly. Also, just like Shoes of Prey, Awl & Sundry shoes are made with different fabrics and styles. While that is a high tech move, all of the shoes are made by one of their twenty cobblers that craft each pair of shoes by hand. Not only does this ensure that the shoes are made specifically to the customer’s measurements, but it also adds a traditional feel to such a high tech website. Shoes of Prey and Awl & Sundry are innovating the shoe industry; their web designs are advancing the fashion market by creating a unique, convenient experience with consumers.

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