Shift into Gear with These High-Tech Sneakers!

ShiftWear Sneakers

We all have that one pair of sneakers that we love and want in every color. New York born, ShiftWear, creates customizable sneakers that change design and colors with the click of a button. Brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, and New Balance seasonally create stylish sneakers sneaker-heads adore. There is a new sneaker brand in town bringing the power to the shoe; Shiftwear, the customizable sneaker that uses technology to bring them to life!

Clients can choose from 6 different styles, all that can be designed to fit his or her creative design, right from their phone!  Color or style isn’t the only thing clients can customize. Choose videos or images from your smartphone and apply them to the sneaker, and once a shoe is designed, create a unique playlist to save it. Full HD color display bends with the shoe itself without breaking, so you can walk in them all day and light up the street. And the discover mode gives clients the ability to buy, sell, or share designs with others on the Design Marketplace.  

Step into this! ShiftWear sneakers uses the same technology that’s inside of the Amazon Kindles! The side panels of the shoe (made of flexible electronic paper) connects to the ShiftWear smartphone app to allow users to have the ability to illustrate their desired design, and display various colors and animations on the sneaker.

With a built-in screen to showcase designs, how does water affect these shoes? Don’t worry.  SmartWear sneakers are 100% waterproof, oil, stain, and dirt resistant. Of course this high-tech shoe needs to charge somehow right?  Save energy simply by walking in them! And when you’re not, place them on the wireless charging pad, no cord necessary! And advanced WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity lets consumers pair their shoe and share them with any device.

Shiftwear isn’t any ordinary sneaker, but a sneaker that allows its consumers to express who they are through art, and “gives the user complete creative control” (ShiftWear).  This comfortable, stylish, new, innovative form of technology is opening a new door in the fashion industry one step at a time.

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