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With so many ways to work out, it is important on how we can keep track of our progress. Modern technology has given us the Fitbit, smart watches, and other various gadgets and apps, all which can help us count calories, track our heart rates, etc. What we have right now is quite impressive, but in recent years the fitness brand, Sensoria has managed to combine fitness technology with workout apparel.


What is it?

Sensoria is a brand of athletic wear that was developed by Davide Vigano and Maurizio Macagno, who both have worked in technology but decided to set out when they were inspired to become entrepreneurs. As a result, their line contains socks, sports bras, and t-shirts that are designed to keep the data of workouts like a Fitbit but can even help wearers improve their routines with its built-in technology.


How does it work?

Unlike most workout gadgets, Sensoria is specially engineered to keep their users safe. Even though most wrist-based products can keep up with heart rates and calorie count, they can’t prevent exercise-related injuries. Meanwhile, Sensoria is made with three types of proprietary textile sensors that track how people run. Also, by pairing with their special anklets and monitor that connects to their app, it alerts them if their running form is unsafe.  With this line of athletic wear, not only is this bringing something innovative to the market, but it helps prevent injuries.


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