Ruggable: The Everlasting Rug

When it comes to homes, it is very important that home decor is easy on the eyes for everyone living there along with those visiting. However, there is one piece of decor that is usually susceptible to being ruined: rugs. Whether it’s from a spill, pet’s fur, or any other kind of mess, stains are just unavoidable for many rugs. What makes it even more difficult is how to clean them when these messes happen. Sure a rug-shampoo can help, but they’re not safe for all types of rugs, and as a result they often get thrown away. A rug that could be washed like clothes seems like a fantasy, but not for Ruggable rugs.

Linear Aztec Black: Washable Rug

Founded by Jeneva Bell, these rugs were created after her work in marketing left her with a desire to start a business of her own. The main philosophy behind her idea was that home decor is a lifestyle and should be stylish,comfortable, and washable. Even though it took her a while to start her business, Bell managed to launch her idea for a rug that can be used and washed at any time, in any home. Ruggable uses Cling Effect technology which sticks the rug-pad to the rug itself, allowing it to stay put no matter what goes on it. When you need to wash it, the pad can be easily removed and the rug itself can be thrown in the washing machine.

Leyla Creme Vintage: Antique Distressed Traditional Beige

What’s also great about this rug is that the materials used to make it are eco-friendly. The rugs are engineered out of ordinary polyester that is recyclable and the pads are made of 95% recycled material. Since the rugs are created with the absence animal products such as fur and wool, it’s a great vegan addition to any home. All of the rugs are also 100% hypoallergenic and are safe for pets, which is great for pet lovers and people with allergies. The rugs in general even come in four different sizes and multiple colors.

If you are looking for a small rug, the 3’x5’ rugs come in a variety of colors for any decor. If you need something for the bathroom, this Floral Damask Mimi Purple rug is perfect, which makes those fall colors you love pop!  For a simple doorway rug, this Patchwork Blue rug can be used year round, however, if you are looking for a bigger rug for larger areas, the newly-launched 8’x10’ line is the way to go. If you prefer a vintage appeal on your living-room floor, the Cambria Ruby rug is a great choice, meanwhile, the Diamond Grey rug is excellent for people with more modern tastes. Regardless of your home decor needs, Ruggable is a great addition to your set, and being washable means that you’ll never have to worry about stains ruining your pretty rug ever again.


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