#Recharge with These Purses

Fashion alert!  A purse that charges? Yes please!  MightyPurse is not only the perfect accessory for any outfit, but will charge iPhones and all micro USB smartphones on the go in two steps! Simply unzip the pocket of your MightyPurse to find the USB charging cable, then plug it into a computer or phone port to charge.   

Purse lovers #need the Nolita X-Body.  It’s not only charming and chic, and charges smartphones, but it’s made of vegan leather! Fashionistas can choose to wear it across the shoulder or carry it by the top-handle; either way it will have you looking fashion forward. And four clips that allow for extra storage space is a plus for those who carry their life in their hands. Literally.

Nolita X-Body

Made from High Quality Saffiano Leather, the Zipper Wallet is great for a favorite purse or simply to carry by itself. Available in black, tan or grey, it holds up to 8 credit cards, zipper coin purse, hand-aligned pockets, and a detachable wristlet. Did we mention that the built-in Micro-USB cord can charge any smartphone as well, and has an adaptor to fit those 5, 6, and 7 iPhones!

Zipper Wallet

Totes galore! This Reversible Tote is a sleek yet simple and chic accessory that is perfect for any office look, or a day out with the girls. Available in a navy exterior and cream interior color, it will store everything from binders and folders for the office, to wallets, to makeup and umbrellas for every day outings. Forgot your charger at home? Don’t worry, plug it into your tote!

Reversible Tote

MightyPurse offers wrist wallets, totes, body bags, and so much more! Stay charged and glamorous with MightyPurse while flaunting your favorite outfits all year round.  


Tessa Schaal

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