Recap, Remixed: Experience Sustainability @ TechStyle NYC 9.12.17

TechStyle NYC at The Lofts on Prince, made its way in SoHo, where history has proven the regeneration and cultural views in the fashion industry. This annual event was the seventh installment of TechStyle Series, hosted by Janine Just of Janine Just Inc.

TechStyle NYC was the place to be on Tuesday the 12th held from 12pm-9pm, filled with exciting brands showcasing their inspiration to bloggers with big dreams, and ecstatic people who discovered their heart’s desire. Stepping into the Penthouse allowed others to seek a new discovery of sustainability and tech through the wear of clothing, fabric, makeup products, and everyday necessities. Thanks to Ambius for the gorgeous moss wall that helped create the perfect backdrop for all photo taking opportunities.

With the eye-catching Flashion style light up t-shirts, to the “oh so tasty!” cupcakes creation from Baked Bouquet, it was impossible for you to become dehydrated with the choice of your drink, whether it was Bai or Harmless Harvest Coconut Water, or even the availability of Deep Eddy Vodka that gave a nice little punch to your afternoon or evening.

Speaking of Selfie, Visual Conductor with the AR video mirror was a big catch with its innovative design and technology. Oh, did we forget to tell you about the Beauty Bar? BeGlammed and Neuma, with their professional beauty service allowed you to look like a superstar; when you walk in you will walk out looking like your best self. Did you happen to catch the Neuma display designed by PERCH? An interactive kiosk designed to “attract and engage consumers while helping analyze their behavior, and ultimately driving sales.” Last, but not certainly, not least, calling all the Ladies out there, A Genie’s Dream has got you covered with goodness and care for those monthly hardships.

What a great way to believe in “doing well by doing good,” Cerimani jewelry will bring a smile to your face along with many rural communities who will benefit from your help. In order to dress your best, you will need the Cladwell app to get personally styled outfits every day with your own clothes. Not to mention The Ultimate Cuff, with different ways to style your Apple Watch and FitBit as well.

There was a hot mix of various people, from NBA stars to Actor Jeremy Carver, from Empire. While they took in the gorgeous rooftop view of New York, KIND snacks and Plant-O-Gram kept them entertained and going for the night.

As the day come to an end, you had to choose the best deal to travel back home; and thanks to the FairFare App you can do exactly that. We did not forget about the gift bags; here’s a quick shout-out to all of our brands for the nifty goodies from Cerimani, VeniaPurely Elizabeth for the quick oats, Callio Fragrance for perfume, Nugg for the face mask, Neuma for the hair products, Amborella Organics for the tasty lollipop, and so many more. To tie this all together, if you are ever in a pitch with moving your furniture PakRite Express has got you cover and moving to your destination.

Another great innovative collaboration with astonishing brands became a remarkable event for TechStyle NYC during Fashion Week! Want to like, comment and share the photos from the event. You may even have received an actual instaprint from one of the many M-ND photo activations throughout the space. Simply click here to view the full gallery.



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#CurrentObsession: Chocolate, crystals, and even jewelry in a box that syncs up with your cycle? Yes please, we’re digging A Genie's Dream
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  • Jetta 19 / 09 / 2017

    There was a gift bag with perfume? Must have missed that – LOL!

    • Janine Just 19 / 09 / 2017

      Jetta – send us an email and we’ll get one out in the mail for you:


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