QSun: Save Your Skin from the Sun

Now that summer is quickly on its way, beaches will soon be open for everyone. This means it’s time to shop for the latest swimwear, have a beach weekend, or just take in some vitamin D. But having fun in the sun doesn’t come without its setbacks. Being in the sun’s UVA/UVB rays for too long can be dangerous. Even though many of us slather on sunscreen, we need to reapply it throughout the day. Meanwhile, sunscreen alone isn’t enough for people with sun-related medical conditions. To help with this, a new device called QSun was created to track our exposure to UVA/UVB rays.

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What’s the danger of too much exposure?

While many of us know that too much time in the sun results in a sunburn, there are many other problems that UVA/UVB rays can cause. When a sunburn happens, the DNA of skin cells become damaged and UVA rays can cause our skin to age prematurely, which leads to wrinkles. The most dangerous risk from being overexposed to the sun is melanoma, the most deadly type of skin cancer.

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What’s QSun?

QSun is a wearable gadget that is designed to help people limit their time in the sun and manage their vitamin D intake at the same time. It even helps the user choose which sunscreen is right for their skin and when to apply it. What’s very interesting is that it can even analyze the wearer’s skin health through advanced AI technology.

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How does it work?

QSun is that is also extremely user-friendly and has multiple features to help everybody. By connecting the device to their special app, QSun can detect how much vitamin D an individual is absorbing and their daily sun exposure. Our favorite asset is sunburn alerts, which help users time how long it takes for them to get a burn. This makes the QSun very useful for preventing a painful sunburn and keeping people with sun-related conditions safe. QSun will truly help people enjoy the summer worry-free.


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