These Watches Are #OutOfThisWorld

Meteorites  travel millions of miles through dark space, travelling past millions of planets, galaxies, and moons, until their paths come into contact with Earth. These unique, galactic watches from ORMOUS are out of this world.  

Each ORMOUS watch style is named after asteroids. These special watches are infused with meteorite, making them one-of-a-kind. Stainless steel and meteorite are melted to 1800°C and mixed together to form the watch case. Each watch has a Swiss quartz movement.


A few notable ORMOUS watches are the EKHOLM and KAHO. The EKHOLM watch, with a gold watch frame and dark brown band is elegant and classy, while the KAHO watch is the perfect fit for those who have more of a darker side. With a black band, black face, and a gold frame, clients can pair it with their favorite suit or dress for a night on the town.


“ORMOUS is a daily reminder for you to take a moment to look up, to see the bigger picture and perhaps view things differently, which can put the daily challenges into their proper context, giving you a better chance to fulfill your potential” (ORMOUS).


Tessa Schaal

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