Ori System: The System That Will Change the Way You Live

In the context of modern living it is very clear that technology is innovating the way we work, the way we shop, and even the way we live. From cell phones with internet to cars with wifi, technology has come a long way since the past decade and continues to change who we are. In recent years there has also been more high-tech furniture that has been invented, such as tablet coffee tables and different types of massage chairs. However, what if there was a type of furniture that could change your entire apartment complex no matter how small the space? With most apartments in big cities becoming smaller, one company has come up with a way to make small apartments more livable: Ori Systems.

Ori System

Apartments in the United States are becoming smaller in size. Right now, the average studio apartment has shrunk from 614 square feet to just about 500 square feet. With less space it’s clear that most of our personal possessions will have trouble fitting in them. This is where Ori Systems solves space issues for tiny apartments. Created by noted Engineer, Hasier Larrea, his mission was to make life for people in small spaces more functional and efficient. By using this system you would be able to have a bed, a wardrobe, a desk, and a lounge all in one piece of furniture.

Ori System

However, what makes Ori Systems a true innovation for small apartments is how you can switch rooms with a push of a button. With the button engineered into the system, owners can go from a bedroom to a living room, providing more storage for your possessions. Also, for people who are into using apps that control devices, the system is able to connect to an app on your phone or with Amazon Echo, allowing you to ask Alexa to rearrange your room at any time.

Ori System

Ori Systems also comes in two different sizes so you can choose a system that fits your apartment and storage needs. The full size comes with a full-sized bed that is perfect for smaller apartments, and or those living by themselves. For those who desire more storage space and a bigger bed, the queen-size is available too. The Ori system is scheduled to launch later this year or late 2018, and it’s sure to innovate small apartment living spaces for the better.

Ori System


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