Orbi: Recording With a New Vision

As new technology emerges, we have seen many new gadgets invented to enhance our everyday lives. One new invention that we have seen in the world of both fashion and technology is smart glasses. In 2013, Google introduced us to Google Glass, a pair of glasses that works like a hands-free smartphone. Meanwhile, Snapchat has come out with their Spectacles sunglasses that are designed to take pictures for their app. Right now, there is a new set of shades called OrbiPrime, with the intent to take smart eyewear to the next level in terms of video technology.

Orbi Sunglasses on display at CES at Las Vegas this past January

Orbi was designed recently in Berkeley, California with the intent to innovate the concept of wearable cameras. While it may sound like a GoPro camera, Orbi goes beyond what a GoPro can do for recording. Orbi is designed to look like a pair of sunglasses, yet it is installed with a camera that allows its user to record videos at 360 degrees. But what is very interesting are the features it comes with, and that it can be used for any lifestyle!

When it comes to using Orbi, we love that it is so user-friendly. Be it, travelers or outdoor athletes, anyone can record the content they need with Orbi at any time and any place!  In addition, Orbi uses software that makes it easy to share videos. By using video-stitching and mobile editing software along with Orbi’s built-in wifi, videos can be instantly shared on social media. This is one of our favorite features since it can really help bloggers upload video content. Even though it is still a work in progress, Orbi is truly set to innovate video recording for everyone.

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